New Season of DEXTER!

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  1. On the 27th the new season of Dexter is coming out. (You can get the pre-air version online, it was leaked a while ago) unless you want to wait till next Sunday you can watch it on TV.

    I fuckin love this show.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Dexter: Season 4 Trailer[/ame]

    Oh yea new seasons of simpsons, family guy, etc. the same night
  2. gonna be sick! i'm gonna have to celebrate these shows with some firecrackers
  3. fuck yes, i love this show
  4. aww man.. no link the episode?? yea i know... google it is then.
  5. my stoner ass thought the season premiere was tonight>.. major let down.
  6. ya but after watching that episode i now have to wait a month for the next one.. -.-
  7. ^its only 2 weeks until the 2 episode
  8. 2 weeks isnt short either. :(
  9. This show runs hot and cold for me. Sometimes it can be very good, and other times it's borderline camp. I'm going to continue watching this season, if only to see if it ever comes down into one side or the other.
  10. There are way too many serial killers in Miami.
  11. Episode tonight ! Finally.
  12. did u guys see it? the ending was kinda crazy.
  13. damn john lithgow is a creepy motherfucker
  14. ^get out you fuckin spammer
  15. Dexter is by far the best show on TV, seasons 1, 2, and 3 were amazing and after seeing the first episode of this year I don't think it's going to let up at all.
  16., how about...
    ...this show is amazing.
    XD I can't wait to see more of the new serial killer...he is so unbelievably creepy!!
  17. i fell in love with the books quite some time ago..then i heard they were making a show

    became a big fan of michael c hall..he is a great actor
  18. Does anyone know if Season 4 episode 2 is available online yet???
  19. Great show. To answer your question ^ yes it is.

    This season is looking better and better. I've watched this series almost from the start, and I've read every book but the current one. I love this show and Dexter is just a great character. He does the wrong things for the right reasons. It's great because the show makes you question your own values I guess - your own ideas of good and bad.

    I think Dexter is best show on television right now, easily.

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