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  1. Hey all. I just picked up this sick bubbler. Has 6 perc stems with 2 slits each. And a mouth piece that swirls smoke while hitting, and a bowl for that mouth piece if you want to use it as a pipe.
    Hits great and is drag free. :)

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  2. nice, thats actually an ash catcher converted bub but all the same, is that attachment a helix?
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    Pretty nice, its a rip off oft he helix basically, but with a tree perc. And the handle connects to a weird spot on that slide too lol, never seen something like that. They usually connect the handle to the bowl part.

    nice piece yo, enjoy them milky hits dude. :bongin:

    By the way, its 6 arms on one perc.

    And you can also say that they are open ended because thats a big factor of how it rips with these percs.

    seems to be a rip off of the helix called a Twister. the label on the piece should tell you that.

    and dont see that being able to be used as an A/C. its made to be attached to that piece and tilt, hence the feet like that and no base. and its a 180 degree joint lol. unless there was another attachment....
  4. Not sure what a helix is. And yeah I wanted the smallest good bubbler I could get and this was it :p but if by helix you mean it swirls the smoke as you hit it then yes cause that's what it does. But if that's not a helix then idk what you mean.
  5. Yeah it's a rip off of the helix then but the glass
    Is thick and feels good quality compared to other pieces i tried and it is drag free and hits well. I'm satisfied. And yeah I mean 6 arms on a perc haha. 2 slits and the end is open on each arm. The bowl is glass with a glass screen.

  6. this is a helix:
    [ame=]Helix Pipe glass on glass 3 in 1 pipe - YouTube[/ame]

    pretty sure this is the original glass piece with the multiple end deal. pretty sick.

    looks like some pretty nice glass, thats not hard water stained though is it?
    im guessing it is just condensation from being washed recently... :smoke:
  7. Yeah it's condensation. After a good clean it looks like new.
  8. I used to have that bowl. its fantastic...good size pack and un matched airflow!

  9. Hell yes, World of Warcraft and weed!!! (This is coming from a girl,lol)
  10. Haha yeah the drag is nonexistent. And wow is tight but recently I haven't got to play it much :(

  11. Noooooo. It's another one of those Helix "things."

    Unless I'm mistaken, most ash catchers don't run a tiny little 9mm joint, let alone it being at a 180-degree angle.
  12. I know how that is. Do you play horde or ally?
  13. Both on sargeras and dark iron :p you

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