new school "rapper" names are ridiculous

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  1. this is a rant... click the back button on your browser if you dont want to hear my rant

    the names that rappers give themselves these days are utterly retarded, which says a lot about how creative they are. It takes NO creativity whatsoever to come up with a name such as young money or gucci mane or lil.b, lil.wayne .... fuuuuck .... how can some people respect and percept this as art if the artist doesn't respect himself enough to fucking come up with a proper name that has more meaning than his shallow perception of what he thinks life is all about ? Its not only that they are not creatively capable of coming up with a unique name to name themselves, Its also that all there names share the same pattern of cheesy prepubescent vibe of how "hardcore" they are,...i have no idea how people can listen to this mainstream crap
    :( low has the bar been lowered to what people consider valuable in an artistic way ?.....:mad:

    (i am not saying that there isn't any good hip hop out there, but if there is its very well hidden from the mainstream scene ... and its best if it stays that way)
  2. I give this rant a D-
  3. So what are some good rap names then?

  4. anything with any real meaning to it is acceptable .....

    hundreds of idiots starting there artist name with money or with the same abbreviation is not exactly creative

    Marshall Mathers, dre, wu tang, Das FX... fuck .... i can live with anything that took any amount of brain activity ...
  5. I know what your saying though. yung paper and big stacks and shit like that is what people have taken to calling themselves. Wu-tang actually stands for something. Same with eminem even if it aint that deep.

    Now that I think of it... Most of them is wack.
  6. Biggie smalls thats about as creative as a pile of shit.
  7. What about 2Pac and Nas? They used their first names. They not creative enough for you?

  8. Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was an American rapper. He was popularly known as Biggie Smalls (after a character in the 1975 film Let's Do It Again), Big Poppa, and The Black Frank White (after the main character of the 1990 film King of New York),[1] but primarily by his stage name The Notorious B.I.G..


  9. by all means if your name sounds cool ... use that .. it still takes some brain activity to realize that your first name would sound good as an artist name also ....

    but names like ....... young money, young buck, lil p , lil waybe .. lil.t lil romeo lil.jon lil jeezy .... fuckkkkk ..... must i go on ?
  10. Big l
    Big daddy kane
    Big pun
    Heavy D
    Fat Joe
    Ice cube
    Ice t

    Yeah cause everyone back then was so original.

  11. Lil Jon
    Lil Flip
    Lil Scrappy
    Lil Whyte
    Lil Eazy-E
    Lil Cuete
    Lil Wayne
    Lil Boosie

    Young Buck
    Young Joc
    Young Dro
    Young Noble
    Young Jeezy
    Young Wun

    young or lil + something the person wants / or wants to show they have = rap name........

    thats much worse than ice cube and them ... and to be honest ive never been a huge fan of any of the rappers you have mentioned either, except for biggie and i posted above what his name means .. and it is much more creative then the above formula ...
  12. These aren't rappers, they are corporate puppets used to make production companies billions. How come you never see the CEO's of Universal or WB throwing their money around, talking about blowin mad trees and poppin bottles? Because that's what these guys are for. Look at Birdman's new single "I get money." Funny, didn't Wayne have the same song on the Carter 3?! :eek: Im pretty sure there's at least 20 other songs about money, since he can't freestyle what else can he rap about? :cool:

    Andre Nickatina, Bun B, Andre 3000, NWA, Slug (Atmosphere), Public Enemy. Nuff Said.
  13. I don't give a fuck what their names are as long as they produce good music
  14. Most of the rappers you have mentioned fucking suck. The ones that have terrible names arent really rappers though. They are fucking actors. Stop ranting please.
  15. Didn't your parents teach you to not judge a book by its cover?
  16. Slayer
    Lady gaga get the point.

    Names are names, its whatever.
  17. i think it's more like judging a book by its title ... and the title is suppose to say a lot about the book...and it was not only that, i was curious enough to give these "artists" a listen and i was not surprised that there talent and capability of coming up with a name reflected in there ridiculously tasteless lyrics....usually stupid book names indicate stupid books ... regardless of the artwork ....

    the alias an artist chooses is a verbal version of how he percepts his art and how he relates to it .... its not just a name .... its important ...
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    Well I could argue that the title is located on the cover..

    Also Young Dro is a good southern rapper. Along with Lil Boosie.


    Ill smoking song. But I doubt older rap fans enjoy it. Mostly only listen to it for Webbie's verse.
  19. I think it's not so much a huge abundance of bad rap names, but more so a huge abundance of bad rappers in general. Let's face it, a majority of the new guys out there just sound the same to me. They either have songs about fucking bitches, getting money, or smoking weed. I get it, songs about weed are good and all but if that's all you can write about, does that really make you an artist? I don't really think so. Too many artists are looking at their music in a "how much money will this track make me?" sort of way. And oddly enough, you find that sort of behavior in pop and rap music, which is more or less fairly simple to produce. So, I just think most of these new "rappers" are just trying to find the easiest way to big paycheck. If it sells, then it doesn't matter what it sounds like...and I think we need to erase that attitude in general as far as the music industry goes.
  20. Curren$y...hes a fkn good rapper. not the best name. Lil wayne, im sure he was the smallest of his group back in the day, it wouldve been original back then to be a "lil", now theres 100000.

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