New Salt Slide (Pics/Vid)(+ more of my glass, and some dank buds)

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  1. Ordered this from bitfreak last weekend and it got here today. It's beautiful.
    Click the Image to watch it RIP!:hello:

    And now for some random Goods.
    Got a new grinder with my vape so I decided to empty out the keif tray on my grinder...couldn't really justify being weird enough to put it into the new grinder so it got smoked.

    A bubbler that my girlfriend got for me in Phoenix at itzallgoodz on vacation. I took the picture while it was really nice and dirty so you could see how vibrant the colors were.

    And finally the buds I promised. Grape Ape, Grand Daddy Purps and Super Sour Diesel in that order....some really tasty bud.

    Njoi guys and gals...lemme know what you think :confused:
  2. nice glass, nice buds, salt slide, and overflowing kief. can't go wrong with that. :D
  3. The keif was good...the grape ape was better tasted like fruit loops can't wait to have that again.
  4. love the the purps and sour d..........:D i guess i love it lol
  5. Let me buy that slide from you. I have the salt bong that matches it. 150?$$$$
  6. Email me liveoakm0b@[member="yahoo"].com
  7. 10/10 pictures. i wish i had keif like that!

    i smoke it wayyyy before i can fill half
  8. damn your girl bought you a bubbler? all my girl does is bitch that i get high all the time

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  9. lol that slide is worth a bit more than that...
  10. That was just a starting offer lol I'd do 250 for this one just because it matches. I just bought a salt elephant slide yesterday for 175. A lot bigger with a lot more work. Signed and everything. Used they go for 150-200 all day long on

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