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Discussion in 'General' started by JesusC, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. If any of you are familiar with Bill Mahers "New Rule" segment, the same concept applies here.

    Feel free to post anything that you feel should be made into a new rule....can be about anything.

    Inspired by my drive to work today...

    New Rule: If youre in the fast lane, go fast! While you keep the needle dead set on 70, the rest of us are stuck riding your ass while you continue to miss the point. The fact that you can clearly read my lips in your rearview mirror should be motivation enough. How many people have to pass you in the slow lane while giving you the finger before you get the point? Please....do us all a favor and move your ass to the slow lane where you belong, before you get somebody killed.
  2. teeth brushing should be mandatory..no one likes your smelly breath!
  3. No bashing people on race, sex, or sexual orientation.
  4. yeah, freedom of speech should be taken away. :rolleyes:

    there are far too many sensitive people.
  5. common!how are some people gonna make thier money?!?!hahah
    i wasnt saying me anybody, so im not talking about trafficking n shit:wave:
  6. Kingpins...

    Hahah..nice comeback.. "your an ugly person"

    is that all you could come up with..how long did that take you?
  7. ial go with this one...
  8. A new rule... Hmmm... I know! People who run for office are not allowed to be elected. That would be a good rule. :p
  9. standard price for sticky icky ganja is 5 bucks a gram no matter where you live.
  10. No fruit in da beer. Man rule
  11. Popped collars should be illegal in ALL nightclubs and bars..

    sick of seeing it in my local scene.
  12. its actually what I wanted to say.

    Anyone who doesnt support freedom of speech is an ugly person and merely complaining because they are insecure.

    secure people seem to love having freedom of speech.

    why take it away?
  13. New Rule: Pharmacists are "drug dealers" too. In my opinion, the guy behind the counter is no different than the guy down the street....except the guy down the street doesnt legally rape me for an ounce of weed. Hiding behind fancy plaques and long white coats, you continue to get away with flooding millions of Americans with medicine they dont need...leading to countless cases of addiction and death.
  14. No more Patriot Act, and the FDA/DEA are done away with :D

    EDIT: Another rule -- Prohibition is deemed unconstitutional.

  15. you can always say what you want on this board. but some people lack restraint in what they say. ever seen 300?

    "Oh, I have chosen my words carefully Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same."

    Hell, you can disagree with people, or the staff all you want..without being a prat.

    and that 'you' is an understood you, not a pronoun
  16. when in rome.
  17. What's wrong with the FDA? They provide an incredibly important service. But as far as the DEA goes, they can all fuck themselves.
  18. Once an 90 page book is filled with laws/regulations (including the complete description) no more can be made. :p
  19. no more new rules

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