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  1. [​IMG]

    new roor piece bought two days ago for 192$, incidentally i found the fakespotting thread and it seems legit. solid feel and great smoke.

    i've already broken the diffuser though, anyone know where to get a reasonably priced replacement?
  2. i thought the joint was suppose to be a sharper angle than that, but still a great piece
  3. Sorry, this is fake. 100%. Shitty sig, bad joint angle, bad joint shape, weird beaker shape. This has fake written all over it. Sorry Blade
  4. To add to this guy's ^^^^^^^ observations, not just is the angle of the downstem wrong, but it goes to the wrong place. It seems like roor is pretty good about having the end of the downstem in the bottom furthest corner of the beaker, but the downstem on this one kind of ends up right in the middle of things.
  5. yea the beaker shape just doesnt really look like a beaker along with the joint angle, sorry bud. But as long as your happy with it milking/smoking then dont worry bout it.
  6. Sorry you got really scammed. 192$ for a Faked Chinese made Beaker tube... Sucks.

    Next time do some research first..
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    nice pickup!
    id smoke from it =)
    beakers and STACKS of ice = <3
  8. is that person in the back dead?!
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    I think you're right, sir.

    Oh and BTW, does that water bottle say class of 2011? Would that imply that you haven't graduated yet? And won't until next year? Gotta be eighteen to post, bro.

    EDIT: THERE'S A GUN ON THE TABLE TOO! I think he used it to kill the guy in the background...

  10. :eek:
  11. the waterbottle says algonquin, as in algonquin mass? if you dont mind me asking where did you pick this up?
  12. Lol the dude on the bed is laying with a chick, probably laying face to face with her.
  13. so two people are dead?!
  14. Might suck if its a fake but still rip it anyway...more than likely will make you feel good :rolleyes:
  15. Well that sucks for you, just wasted almost $200 on a fake roor that cost probably $10 to make. Oh well, you live and you learn. Next time do some more research before dropping alot of dough on a bong.;)
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    first of all, now that i look closer, the angle isn't as sharp as the RooRs i've looked at. also, two of the ice pinchers have a strand of glass between them. it's not that big of a deal, 200 is only a drop in the bucket, and it was an impulse buy anyway. i'll order a piece when i get my debit card reissued, lost it a while ago and haven't bothered to go down to the bank to get a new one.

    couple more things, the gun is a lighter, the people are alive, the water bottle is the girls, and her friends don't know the damn difference.

    p.s. i had to walk into a head shop (double g in worcester, which i already knew was shit) to buy the piece, so that gives a hint to my age. also, thanks for the input from everyone

  17. Pow! haters.... its still fake, but im sure it hits alright so its not a total loss i guess:(

  18. Neither do you, lol. Sorry man, had too...
  19. if i could scrape off the roor markings i would, cause it hits like a champ, smooth as any double perc bong i've used when there's ice up to the top in it.

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