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  1. Went over to Shisha International and came back with a RooR! 14 in., 5 mm glass, and I convinced the guy to throw in a diffused downstem fo free.... they have some really nice RooR percs in there, I just didn't want to throw down 450:smoking:
    what do you guys think?


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  2. I like the blue text a lot more than the red text. How much did you actually pay for it? And how much would that downsteam costed you?

    Looks pretty clean... for now.
  3. Yeah it's a US RooR and apparently now they don't color code it. I liked the blue text, the straight tube (I don't love those beakers) and the 5 mm. I don't think this thing would break. Knock on wood. It was 250, but I haggled down to 225, the diffuser would have cost 40. And I got him to throw in a pack of Reds (So clutch when they cost 10.50 here.)
  4. Bump... How do you like the roor?
  5. very nicee

    ny to!
  6. nice RooR. i'm lookin for a perc. not sure by who yet.
  7. You just need to find a good headshop. The places in nyc will just have a wall of percs in the back... expensive though. Im about to open a thread as soon as i get a new camera ( asap) because i just got referred to a great delivery service in NYC :hello: Its expensive, of course... its nyc delivery.
    Purple Kush was real fly. Trainwreck, Juicy Hash and Critical Jack Hererra also turned the past 10 days into :confused:
  8. That Roor's fake, sorry man. Is there a sig on it?

  9. Dude thank you. I am :smoke: seriously and i was looking at the label for like two minutes, just about to get mine to check lol
  10. And either way , you got ripped! Should have gone over to NY gifts/Blue nile they have a lot of roors and Illadelphs. Look up reviews for shops before droppin that kinda cash. pm me for info.
  11. fake and a pos. AND YOU GOT RIPPED THA FUCK OFF!
  12. Isnt the label on that one flipped:confused:
    I think its fake
  13. its not fake guys... its just a picture using the camera on a macbook haha... Did i get ripped off? because its 5mm glass and he threw in a diffuser... I think 225 is a steal for that...

    there is a sig.... its on the right hand side of the joint... as always
  14. It IS fake, guys. The label is backward, the most tell tale givaway that its a fake. The angle of the joint doesnt help your argument either.
  15. If he took the pic with a macbook, you will see Roor in reverse, technically.
  16. looks fake to me as well. not a bad price, though. but still, having a fake roor would be lame shit.
  17. yup, that was my immediate reaction upon seeing the photo too. Hard to say from that picture but definitely looks like a chang-glass knock-off
  18. A fake should be no more then 100. And shisha inter. has been know to rip people off , and sell fake roors. Do some research next time buddy.
  19. On a real roor the Rs have their feet to the left on the top and bottom.
  20. Yeah obviously... IT is real haha... i think I would know

    There is a dvd case is the picture "bottle rocket", the camera just inverts the logos....

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