New ROOR Steamroller.

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  1. Here's my new ROOR Steamroller. I bought it yesterday from The Fitter here in Boulder.



    Sorry that it's not spotless, I couldn't wait to hit it. It knocked me on my ass:hippie:

    I'm going to get an inline for it once I have the funds:rolleyes:
  2. :hello: me and my girl were talking about these yesterday actually. about to get rid of my old steamroller and get a nice roor one to go with the rest of the roor family. how much did it run you if you dont mind telling? and im sure it rips. smoke on :smoking:
  3. God damn I love RooR's huge Rollers! How much did that cost you?

    I neeeed to see a vid, or milk pics, or SOMETHING! :D

    Very clean piece, mang. The diffuser is dope!
  4. Sick man, I would give up both of my steamrollers for one of those gong Roor ones. Now you can have an unlimited amount of different bowls with such a big dry hit or you can attach a proper A/C if you feel like bongin...:bongin:

    May I ask how much?
  5. Congrats! I have the same one just different label. I love mine. Im sure you will be very happy
  6. The Rasta label one was listed at 115, the non rasta's were 110, but they were all %20 off. After tax it was $99 and some change. Worth every penny IMO, the smoke looks badass as it fills the chamber. It's surprisingly smooth for a dry piece of it's size.

    I'm want to get an Inline for it. I saw this one on another board

    I plain on getting a similar one. I'm just waiting till I have more cash.

    Plus having a standard 18.8 joint makes the possible add-on nearly endless.

    I'll try and get a milkshot video or picture up sometime.
  7. that looks beast man. id def get the inline on that. man i may have to get one of those they look sickkk
  8. mmm i've been meaning to get myself a steamroller... nice pickup man.
  9. props, man i like it a lot, loving rasta style...
    Ill be at the fitter later today or tomorrow, about to purchase my new glass piece got to get my negotiating skills going first though! Or i might use that coupon which is what i think you used!

  10. I forgot to bring the coupon, the steamrollers just so happen to have been %20 off:D

  11. haha thats always nice, haha guarenties them a sale for sure haha!
  12. Yo i just bought the same piece at the fitter last week for $99. its aweseome. Have u gotten an ash-catcher yet. I saw the same pic and wanna replicate that setup sooo bad.
  13. A Wicked Sands tiny inline a/c would look good with it... just thought of that.

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