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  1. :eek::eek:
    This baby hits so fucking hard you don't even know. Enjoy lemme know what you think. got it for 100 so pretty good deal i think. we need to get a new bowl and an ashcatcher and we are set.:D:D

  2. pic related - its me

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  3. Very nice... I like the RooЯ steamrollers with the diffuser. I always come this close to picking one up and then I buy a water piece or a heady slide instead. Enjoy it man.
  4. haha nice pic, lol, it hits soo hard, its like a dry bong. but harder lol.

  5. pic one up, we got it for only 100, it was 20 percent off, look for one. its great, and u don't need water, so u can bring it more places. Its really good.
  6. Yeah I probably will. They have them at my local shop. I like the ones with the RooЯ Pure Smoke Kulture sandblasted labels.

    Edit: You should grab a matching heady slide or request Trikky to make one for you.
  7. yeah i know i need one real bad, do u know how much trikky would charge for a pretty nice bowl.
  8. I can haz?

    I've never seen that. It's.........beautiful!
  9. Probably no more than $60... I'm speculating but I've seen one for sale for around that. In fact, I've seen a rasta Trikky for sale but it doesn't quite match imo. He's probably pretty backed up on custom orders but it would definitely be worth the wait.
  10. I bet that thing packs a punch, nice pickup bro, and it matches my shoes :hello:
  11. It would be tight to see a fade to clear rasta slide on that.
  12. Yes... yes it would. I don't think I've ever seen a fade to clear rasta either. Now I'm looking...
  13. send me a pm if you see a nice slide for it. Thanks guys, i appreciate the help in the search.
  14. have u guys seen the Weed Star Inline Pre-Cooler - Green. Its 47 bucks I'm thinking about it for an ashcatcher.
  15. It's cheap, thin, poorly constructed replica garbage. That's all weedstar is in the business of making.
  16. aight, thats what i thought it would be, with so low of a price. dang, i need one but don't wanna spend over 90bucks on it. argh. fucking being in college and broke sucks.
  17. Too bad you missed out on my SSFG inline. I sold that a bit ago for $90 on another site... and it was green. There's still a picture of the wigwag as my avatar.
  18. damn that would have been tight. oh well, the search throughout boulder, co goes on.
  19. I've never used or seen that one before... but I'd always feel more comfortable buying from SuperJoint here on GC than picking up a Weedstar.

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