New RooR double tree perc + ashcatcher

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  1. picked this up at the local nh headshop as a graduation gift to myself. Hits perfectly. Two chamber, 8 arms of percs. Question, how do you clean the percs? they got dirty real fast. Also, what is the eaisiest way to get water into second perc? so glad i bought this, guess how much i paid im curious





  2. Those trees look janky as fuck to be a real roor and you got way to much water in them
  3. Not going to be a prick but that's a fake roor. Avoid buying from that headshop.
  4. the downstem going into the tube is not made by roor its a different piece if thats why u guys think its fake
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    The reason is because the ice pinches do not straddle the joint.

    Edit: If you feel like getting a second opinion post pics here.
  6. shes a beaut mate. very clean looking...i like
  7. Yeah sorry to say but thats a fake...
    Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it.
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    Yep agreeing its fake....

    probably did pay a lot knowing most headshops selling "roor"....

    btw reasons i say its fake not to look like im just saying it out my ass:
    -Joint is not blown by roor, it wouldnt look like they did it blindfolded and drunk
    -Thats a totally fake sig, roor's would be clean thats the chinaman sig lol
    -ice pinches, the 2 should be under the label and one in back, there also not even close to the same size as roor's there the typical too small ice pinch only ripoff's have
    -percs dont look roor
  9. Fake roor. all roors with perc included also have a splashguard. There's no way around it. also those tree percs make me laugh
  10. aww to cost 160 and still hits like a champ so im not complaining
  11. Eh didnt get burnt that bad, i know a kid that got burnt 320 for a "single tree roor" that was also a clearly chinese bong.

    Still sucks when you get sold something thats not what you paid for. Thats like buying a Rolex and finding out its really a 5$ replica made in china...
  12. For $160 you got what you paid for, get a disc diffused slide by ben wilson and that peice will rip like a champ.
  13. thanks the ben wilson looks sweet
  14. Another way to tell, if a RooR as ANY percolators at all, the label must say RooR (tech).

    Look it up.
  15. which headshop in NH if you dont mind me askin
  16. Not true, don't listen to this guy.

    OP, i would say that you got a good deal, even if it's fake and i never support buying knockoffs. But ya as stated before, easiest way to tell is the splashguard, i still don't see how the chinese haven't figured that part out yet :rolleyes:.

  17. I've seen a few on ioffer with splash guards.
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    The new roors, yes.
  19. Can someone post a picture of a Real RooR with percs in it please.
  20. Ya as in 2011, but that doesn't mean they haven't been around, Roor was one of the first to perfect the tree perc in a gong application with mass production. And for your other question:

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