New Roor Diffuser For my Tube and MilkShot.

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  1. Some guy over in the High End glass thread criticized me for posting a pic of my tube in there but imo its as "High End" as any of the basic roor strait tubes that are in there too. Its 9mm thick and done by a local Blower.
    [ame=]MVI_0386.flv video by ckb1985 - Photobucket[/ame]
  2. They probably thought it was chinese... and unless you were given a local blower's name and can look him up, it very well may be. They make good blanks and really, really bad ones.

    I get your point though and it's been made in the thread. The HEGPT isn't really meant for plain and ordinary production straight tubes of any brand. I think I even called it a "plain tube sausage fest" at one point.

    I like the tube though. I really want a thick, no label tube to use with heady slides that deserve all the attention. How much did that one cost you?
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    Cost me $179 at Northern Lights in Albany. I didnt bother asking for the blowers information but Northern Lights is legit they don't misrepresent any thing they are awesome never heard an ill word about that shop. They do have some Chinese stuff in there but it all still has the made in china stickers on it.
  4. It's great to have honest shop owners... there are precious few out there.
  5. Yea I wish I had a good shop close by I have to drive quite a bit to get there. Its worth the drive they have RooR, Illadelph, Phx, Phire, Royalty, We The People, Salt, and a bunch more I cant remember. They have way more legit glass then they have China junk. The guys working there always help me out with what ever I need and thats saying allot because I was very picky when I went in there to pick this thing out I looked at others for hours and almost bought a Royalty that was like 11 or 12 mm thick.
  6. This thing really rips now with the RooR diffuser way better than with the old one it came with.

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