New ROOR and a Helix!

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  1. I am sure it is stuff everyone has seen, but the helix is my baby and the ROOR is my roomies. Both rip like champs.

    The ROOR is pretty basic. Just added a new slide and a diffuser down stem. The little perc/ash catcher is pretty pointless to be honest.



  2. How much was that Helix piece? I have never heard of the company, but I just watched a

    movie on how it works and it seems pretty cool. Is it really that smooth of a hit?
  3. I got it for 160 and it comes with the bubbler, regular bowl, and a straight single hitter. It really does have a pretty smooth hit because it pulls the cool air in through the sides of the pipe. It isn't quite as smooth as a bong w/ ice, but for a pipe it works wonders.
  4. That helix pice is tight, I've never seen one before
  5. that helix is nice. I saw one at TNT in Columbia, MO about three weeks ago. I really considered buying it.
  6. How solid are those helix pipes built? Do they feel heavy? Great pickup on the bong too.
  7. The helix is pretty solid. I wouldn't say it weighs much more than a regular pipe/bub.
  8. The Helix looks pretty sweet. Saw one at Zebra's Head in Denton a couple weeks ago. The guy there took it out and explained it all to me. Was a pretty solid piece.

    Just playing around man, seriously toss that shit though. I have never seen a pipe like that Helix, mind explaining exactly how it works, for instance how do you clear it?
    Im sure the perc for the roor helps at least a little if you use it right.
  10. It's the only lighter we have at the moment!

    The helix works just like any other pipe. There is a carb on the right side of the bub bowl (which is attached in the picture). Then there are 3 tiny holes on the main body of the pipe which pull in air. This causes the smoke to spiral straight down the middle of the body as you take your hit. When we hand it to most people they get confused simply because it looks different. Not complicated at all!
  11. vid?

    i wanna see the helix in action doing its twirling, swirling wonder!
  12. has everything you want to know
  13. Yea, they have a pretty good video of it in action. I usually get a better smoke spiral than in the video actually.
  14. nice bong
    how tall is it?
  15. tis an 18"
  16. good size. i like it!
  17. ah i see, i just couldnt see the carb in the picture so iw as wondering. Looks sweet im about to check out their videos!

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