New RooR and a Custom

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  1. The new blue label
    Me rippin it
    Codemast rippin it
    Ive had this bong for a while, I converted it to glass on glass with a RooR downstem. Its beastly.
    This ones for you Whiskey.:smoking:
  2. nice glass man
  3. Nice tube man, just be uber careful with it though cause Blue labels are pretty thin.
  4. Thanks man, yeah its real lightweight, i like it. It definatly hits like a champ:smoking:

    My buddy almost broke the diffy... I almost had to lay an asswhooping :devious:
  5. Beautiful piece. :smoking:
  6. Thanks
  7. nice roor bro! nice hit too!
  8. Thanks, and i like the name btw :smoking:
  9. *Bump*

    So today my friend took his first roor hit, it looked a little bit like this... :D lol
    I cut off right before the epic coughs
  10. did he puke? looks like he was prolly close

  11. Almost he was coughing for 20 minutes straight it was crazy
  12. That's a solid tube man. I liked the smoke in negative that looked really cool.
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    Thanks, yeah its a setting on my phone, thats why the pics and vids are shitty :eek:

    Rolled a 4 gram cone blunt tonight

  14. Damn, anyone else think the dude in video #2 was a lil fierce when pulling that slide out
  15. nice pickup man, enjoy that quality glass, you cant go wrong

  16. :smoke: yeah what a dick
  17. How much did that run you? I'm about to pick up a Roor or Toro. :bongin:
  18. Yeah its some nice glass. Its definaty the best bong ive hit out of. :smoke:

    Around $100 for the tube and 35 for the diffuser from EDIT

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