New RooR--18"--Orange Label

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    Just picked this guy up. I got it for $155 + diffuser($25)

    Not to bad, on with the pics.

    last pics are my car in the damn snow, like 7 inches, so i decided to hotbox the car, while its covered in snow/ice, any my dog, playing in the snow
  2. pics?
  3. Nice little roor dude, pretty good price as well.
  4. i am new at posting pictures and damn, none of my shit is posting, how did u apply that picture to ur post!
  5. Tube.

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  6. good score, Hboxing the car , good times
  7. More Tube

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  8. the dog and my car covered in snow

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  9. I love hot boxing my car when it's covered in snow and nobody can see in. I always feel so safe and hidden, even though in reality someone could just walk up and brush the snow off the window. Oh well, it's always fun.

    Nice piece btw.

    Here in my car, I feel safest of all, i can lock all my doors.....

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