NEW Reversed-Hammer Piece (must see, Macro, DANK)

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  1. Well I started off my day with 15 bucks, and for doing nothing but drive and make some calls mad 150, so i bought a scale that works great, 30 bucks, and this new piece for 45$. It was so unique i just had to get it , was high as well haha. Well here it is, looks like a hammer, but like reversed.





    Nigel Sr. and Nigel Jr
  2. dudee nice pickup
    also, way to be an entreprenuer, turnin that profit + rep
  3. Wow thats very unique. Do you actually put water in it? Looks like some crazy spoon.
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    nope, straight up bowl no water or bubbler

    edit: Lol u didnt rep me hahah
  5. You need more hits.
    Everything's in 2d...
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    Shhhhh no man no! Don't talk about that here lol, great bud and pieces though :smoking:

    EDIT: Protip: Delete that part or get they'll close your thread/delete it, it's for the safety of the site
  7. Where did you buy that?

  8. Local like quick mart
  9. That's a sick piece.

  10. Thats a nice deal for buying it at a convience store type place all the ones near me only sell like cob pipes or like shitty wooden ones at best.
  11. lmao looks like the blower fucked up and didnt bother to fix the shape of it :smoke::smoke:

    jk bro looks cool, nice and thick :)
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    Won't they still have it now cause you quoted him?

    Awesome looking pieces
  13. Actually no. I didn't quote any of the text that had the selling part in it. It's the statement that you actually sold some that gets you in trouble, you might wanna take a second look.

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