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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by OPTaylor, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone. I'm just a 22 yr old musician/engineer that just moved to the Tampa Bay area. It seems impossible to find a good connect for herb here. Anyways I create dubstep, trip-hop, hip-hop, DnB and most electronic genres. I played in a reggae band in orlando for awhile but we all went our separate ways. I'm really glad I found this community. A lot of nice informative people here. Ill be looking forward to having some nice conversations with you peeps. Thanks GC :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. DUDE! i just moved to the Brandon area, from Indiana! is the weed game not weak sauce down here or what?! i have been tryin to get a connect for the two weeks i have been down here...How you liking it so far man?
  3. It's ok. I can't find a steady connect down here so that makes it kinda suck. When I first got here I thought this would be the place for some dank. I guess I was wrong
  4. ya, everyone says that weed is everywhere in so fl but i am in the same problem- can't get a new steady source
  5. i hear ya. i started at fau a month ago and still no luck!
  6. i live in palmetto..i know all my contacts through either school or friends....has always been bountiful here, i guess you just got to know the right people....i was thinking you could see if some of your friends know anybody or if their brothers know somebody...youll be bathing in bud not too soon...hit me up if your down in the area im always down to toke with some new people:smoke:
    peace and love,

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