New Research Says Marijuana "Safe & Effective Medicine"

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    New Research Says Marijuana "Safe & Effective Medicine"

    SEATTLE --- In a landmark article in the Journal of Opioid Management, University of Washington researcher Sunil Aggarwal and colleagues document 33 U.S. controlled clinical trials published from 1971 to 2009 confirming that marijuana is a safe, effective medicine for specific medical conditions.

    Under federal law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, defining it as having high potential for abuse, unsafe for use even under medical supervision, and lacking currently accepted medical uses in the U.S. "In fact," Aggarwal and colleagues write, "nearly all of the 33 published controlled clinical trials conducted in the United States have shown significant and measurable benefits in subjects receiving the treatment." Additionally, the paper documents the growing acceptance of the therapeutic use of marijuana among organized medicine groups and estimates that "in 2008, approximately 7,000 American physicians have made such authorizations for a total of approximately 400,000 patients."

    Regarding abuse and safety issues, Aggarwal et al. write that withdrawal symptoms -- a classic symptom of drug dependence -- are notably absent from the published trials, while "the vast majority of reported adverse events were not serious ... It is clear that as an analgesic, cannabis is extremely safe with minimal toxicity."

    Unfortunately, the article continues, ignorance regarding marijuana remains widespread in the medical community. "There remains a near complete absence of education about cannabinoid medicine in any level of medical training," Aggarwal writes.

    "This is arguably the most thorough review of the literature on medical marijuana since the Institute of Medicine report over a decade ago, with a trove of data that wasn't available to the IOM," said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. "It is simply incomprehensible that a medicine that is so clearly safe and effective remains banned from medical use by federal law and the laws of 37 states."

    The article, "Medicinal Use of Cannabis in the United States: Historical Perspectives, Current Trends, and Future Directions," is available at

    peace and pot
  2. Its great when you have science at your side. Only in America is the line between "safe and effective medicine" and "dangerous drug" been so blurred.

    As it stands for our friends at the Federal Government:

    Harmful chemicals peddled as prescription drugs by large corporations such as adderal (speed) and oxys: Safe and effective medicine

    Weed, a substance used for thousands of years for the benefit of mankind and has never killed a singe person: Dangerous drug.

    Thats what I love about the drug war, it is a glaring case study to show how corrupt and against the actual public good our government actually is. lol we are a government by the money, and for they money. :wave:
  3. did you really just say that? its safe yet its highly addictive and you can overdose on it..... is there a facepalm emote?
  4. The government didn't invent or fund cannabis so they know they can't make as much money off of it as chemical based drugs developed at pharm companies.

    They can make money off of it obviously with things like taxes and whatnot, but people can grow their own just as easy. You don't see many people with the knowledge or drive to make their own prescription opiates or amphetamines.
  5. Even if they legalize and tax it, it will probably still be cheaper than it is now because it will be legal to grow and it will be grown in larger amounts without having to worry about being busted...but personally i would just end up buying seeds and growing my it when i run out in between harvest times
  6. I personally wouldn't compare the two. opiate addiction is a completely different monster.
  7. Hahahaha. So you're saying Caffeine withdrawl is about as bad as Heroin withdrawls?
  8. yeah talk to someone who has man.. you compared caffenie to something on a whole other level. yes it does matter if its more addicting or not.. and it would take way less heroin or something to kill someone than caffenie.
  9. anything is fine if you don't overdose.
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    Are you really comparing opiates to caffeine? I have people in my family that have been taking opiates as prescribed from their doctor and once they try to get off them, no matter how moderately they've been taking them, their system is fucked over. Caffeine addiction is nothing like Opiate addiction except for the word "addiction"

    So addiction isn't a factor when it comes to safety? Hmm.

    Even if you're using them "moderately" it's not as safe as MJ based on the fact that you can get addicted very easily and you can overdose.. I'm sorry your arguments are invalid.

    You have to think though, people may start growing more but that means that more and more money will be spent on electricity and/or gas for generators to support their grows. So the money is still going into the pockets of government funded programs. Maybe not as much as they may want but it's still money. And think about your typical Americans, not many of them have the drive to grow their own ganja either.

  11. Oxy is not fucking safe. You can OD on as little as 20 mg in sensitive people and its addictive. How is that safe? Your logic here is terrible. You can overdose on THC to if you sythesized it in the lab and ate 5lbs of it so THC must be dangerous too huh?
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    I see you've all ready been ripped on enough for this dumbass statement so I wont say my whole piece and go easy on you. Just know opiates are one of the most highly addictive drugs out there. Its legal heroin. I have much personal life experience being around the shit all the time. (People i work with most are strung out) Mothers been on oxys for 6 years. Everyone seems to be strung out on the shit. Also friends wasting there checks on the shit etc...

    And equally as dangerous as most if not more from the comedown(Being Ill) cold turkey.

    I dont see people going to wallgreens or rite aid getting a bottle of nodoze and shooting them up just to live another day.


    Remember in half baked when Dave goes to rehab. (You ever suck dick for weed or a cup of coffee?)

    So when i see someone defend an opiate it makes me sick, ive never did any nor plan on it. Its a sick fucking drug. Script or not.
  13. Don't compare OC's to redbulls ahhahahaha.
    I see the point you're trying to make but dont do it.
    I am in no way against them, used them to deal with pain after surgery and couldn't have made it through the pain with just marijuana... you know what I mean
    To the OP, thanks for this post..
    It was a good read, one step at a time we'll win this thing.
  14. I shoulda been more clear on what i meant when i say against i mean the fucks who are abusing them. Nothing wrong with a weekend warrior evan.
  15. I can't understand why cannabis is not used in the medical system, it shows how corrupt these people are. The pain killing effects of cannabis are amazing, but it is not addictive, has no detrimental side effects, and you can't overdose. Opiates are so fucking bad for you, those should be the ones not allowed in the medical system. Freakin' dumbasses.

  16. I believe benzo's, like Xanax, also have withdraw symptoms that can kill you. Alcohol and benzo's both require being slowly weened off. (if my last set of drug and alcohol classes serve me correct.
  17. I use to drink straight liquer just about everyday and pop valium like it was going out of style, one day I was just like ok iv'e been partying enough fuck this and quit. Im still here. It comes down to having a stronger mind then most and not being a puss. Now opiates are a different story. Drinking and eating valium is dangerous period. Dont be a fool.

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