new regulations soon ?

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  1. Hell yes it is!

    The domino effect is winding up. The concept and desire for legalization is hitting critical mass - after which there will be no stopping it. The people have spoken...

    Now in many areas people are demanding politicians to push for it. Those who won't will be out of a job!
  2. I read somewhere that there will be no legislation but another memo from Holder which the banks will not touch the risk so basically nothing changes. :(
  3. It sounded like a bit more this time. I guess we will see. I hope you are wrong.
    you got a link saying so from a credible source or is that just bullshit rumor mill crap?
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    The DOJ cannot write legislation for regulating the banks or the market as long as cannabis is Schedule 1,,that is why all we get is memos.
    The banks are not going for it,,memos are not valid in any court and can be shredded at any time,,,he is endangering every distributor in CO by not removing cannabis from Schedule 1 and if one of them gets robbed and unarmed citizens get killed,unarmed by regulations and unable to secure their establishments or keep cash amounts at a safe level,,,the US govt's ass is hanging out for a solid rear entry body cavity search.
    And CO regulations not allowing them to use security guards may bite them too.

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