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New reefer guy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ThreeTree33, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Yo blades, what's your best experience with a new guy?
  2. Hmm...I go to new guys relatively frequently just because I know a lot of people who deal that I like to help out. Best though?..Probably a guy named jay-o. Haven't ever asked but he has to move a couple pounds a month. My first experience with him went like this.
    *comes into the car after I waited there ~10 minutes. I live in Texas where everyone HATES the cold, and it was just starting to turn winter*
    "Ay-o! My names jay-o! *pops his t shirt* Fuck this weather man, am I right?"
    "Yeah man its freezing out"
    "Yeah! I got my bitch inside making chili, a blanket, and my xbox with CoD popped in!"
    "Hahah man, that's the life right there"
    "Yeah bro, I'm fixing to buy GTAV though for real, game looks badass!"
    "Trust me man, it is. You got my 40 sack?"
    *pulls out a HUGE sack, probably a o or two. And then pulls out my small 40 sack and hands it to me*
    "There ya go man"
    He is the best personality I've ever met. "Bitch inside making chili" made me crack the fuck up.
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  3. Probably this guy named K.  CRAZY dude.  FIRST time ever meeting him, we go inside, his girlfriend does some unmentionables..  Then he pulls his damn guns out and starts messing around whilst he smokes me out a blunt.  Sells me a fat g.  Then I leave.
    Another time I hooked him up with my friends right.  They went into his house and were waiting in the living room,  he says he'll be right back.  Comes running in the god damn room with a fuckin shotgun just screaming.  (was joking around but this dude is always on meth or something)  He was just trying to be funny but scared the shit outta my friends. 
    He's now in jail.
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  4. Went to buy a dub from some new guy a friend hooked me up with, said he had great shit. Went to a park he was sitting on a bench went up to em n said whatsup he said whatsup instantly handed me my dub n gave me a nice blunt on the side said it was "a first time customer special" Went to him a few timea after that. Now hes in jail.

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  5. My cousin buys from this dude on the beach. You pay him, he gives you a "treasure map" and you go find that shit.
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  6. My buddy who is my only plug, that I ever feel like going to just because I know he has chronic and always dabs me out when I come by.

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  7. I've actually made one of these. It's awesome, but you can only hit it a few times before you have to put it back up. Ours wasn't as artsy, but it hit like a beast.
  8. I wonder why lol, if your that low on the chain there's no need for steel it'll only double the charges not to mention not the greatest idea showing it off to ;people coming over for such a small amount.

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