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  2. Guitar work reminds me of the Dead! I like how that chromatic chord change sounds.
  3. Thank you. That's a great compliment to hear. And man you have no idea how happy you recognizing that makes me. I love chromatics. A lot of guitarists forget about the notes in between. That's where the most color is!! Haha

  4. Thanks man! Hey that sounds like a good idea to me. I've actually always wanted to get an online collaboration together.

    Do you want to get naked and start the revolution? Ill take that as a maybe.

  5. Haha it was a line from Orange County :p

    Yeah it'd be pretty sweet. I think we have enough musicians onboard to make a competition out of it haha.

    And I hear ya man. Robert plant has a stellar and definitely unique range
  6. Nice man. yeah its pretty cool to think that two people can feel and think similar things without any sort of connection. I find that some songs need lyrics that make a statement, while others are better suited with storytelling.
  7. Bump, hopefully others are interested.

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