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new record at lunch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by DiAbLo420, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. hey, so one of my friends asks me if we can go to our local pipe store at lunch so he can buy a couple bubblers and told me he had an oscar. so 5 people get in my truck and we take off passing 2 bubblers and a spoon pipe. smoked 5 bowls on the way then my friend bought 2 bubblers so we loaded all 5 pipes and passed them all around and loaded 4 more bowls and smoked those and got to school rite on time and had ourselves a new record for bowls smoked at lunch. anybody else do this? peace
  2. at my school theres no way not to get busted for somethin like that
  3. yeah me and my buddies use to allways smoke during lunch when i was in school. Now that im out int he real world working it hasnt changed much, i still smoke weed at lunch or during my breaks at work :)
  4. 14 bowls, 5 people, why the hell did you go back to school?
  5. well the reachers at my school are kinda on the retarded side and visine and a new shirt change helped alot.

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