New "Reckless" bong. 2 ten arm tree MILKz

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Reckless mylk[/ame]

    The bong is 6 days old and i couldnt be happier. The glass is 5mm thick and the bong itself is 22 3/4 inches. I am getting a syn inline ashcatcher for it soon and it is much anticipated:smoke:
  2. omg YES!, I LOVE my Syn inline cashcatcher! its soo good, all my friends look at me like i"m nuts because I've got a Double U perc Hi si straight tube and when I put that on it makes it look like a science project, but when they hit it!!!! ooh man its one and done.
  3. nice pickup! I'd love to rip that thing

    yeah ive had my friends joke about expecting my syn mini showerhead + inline a/c to light itself a couple times lol
  4. It was reckless to buy something to mediocre.
  5. Let's see your high end glass then Champ. :devious:

    I like it, haven't seen this brand before. The 10\10 looks better than i thought. The first vid it seems really draggy, but in the second I was pleasantly surprised it cleared so well. What'd it run ya? And where's it blown?
  6. Looks pretty nice man solid setup :smoke:
  7. Thanks:smoke:. From what ive heard Reckless is made in america, and dont let the 10/10 fool you it peforms really well. Me and a friend split the price of the tube which was 300 so 150 each isnt so bad. Ill put up some more pictures of it cleaned up so itll look purtyyy. Perhaps another milk if its requested.
  8. Definitely wanna see another milk.. I love the reckless label on it.. Sick tube man.. The second vid definitely looks like no drag..
  9. Thanks man. I just had a smoke sesh and didnt record.. I wish i did now:rolleyes:. Ill try to clean her up later today and get a couple vids.
  10. get s disc diffused slide on ALT
    you wont regret it.
    your 10arm trees will thank you

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