New Rasta Illadelph

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  1. Hey guys i just copped this 7mm tall rasta beaker the other day. the hit's so smooth and clean and im glad i bought it. What do you guys think about this piece?

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  2. Dope, I would of gotten one with a perc or at least ice notches
  3. Yea man that beaker bottom is schmexy. Like before said, maybe some ice notches or a perc but you can't always get what you want. I would definitely buy a matching ash catcher and that thing would be absolutely good to go.

    Good pickup.
  4. If you zoom in it does have three ice notches at the bottow of the main tube bit :)

  5. by the way guys there are three ice notches right below the crest, i'll post some better pictures in a bit. 
  6. nice piece how much did you pay for it ?

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