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New:) + Question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xkwizit, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. hellooo :)
    im new to grasscity, although i must say that i've visited it as a guest quite a few times and it's always been really helpful!

    anyway, i have just one little question..
    my friends & i usually use our homemade bongs since well, they're fun to make and usually end up working quite nicely

    but me, being the inconsiderate one, i've been using a plastic stem and ive been told way too many times to stop using it. so tonight i created a new bong and was wondering, just in case, if it would cause any harm (or if it looks like it would even work :rolleyes: haha)

    Here are the materials that I used, I think I'll post a picture as well.. just in case.

    - Metal Stem (Got it from a pen I found)
    - A Gatorade type of bottle. (Not exactly Gatorade.. But still works)

    I don't have a bowl yet, I'm used to using tinfoil.. But I found one of these laying around, and I thought maybe it would work if I cut it or whatever. Not sure how I'm gonna do it yet though lol

    As for the mouthpiece.. Well I'm used to just using the top of the bottle itself, but I found an old shower hose laying around and thought that maybe it would spice it up, or just make it work better. I honestly don't even know why, but hey it looks better..

    ^ That's actually what I'm kind of concerned about.. Is it safe to inhale from a shower hose..?

    Here's what it looks like right now, lol.

  2. Don't let the melted platic get on you, otherwise you should be fine =)

    In before Clive
  3. Just buy some papers.
  4. yeah, im not a big fan of joints.. i smoke some here & there.. but they're just not my thing
    plus i can't roll for shit lmao
  5. well joints are awesome especially since its so portable. But lol that bong looks like a hookah with that extension. Why dont you just make a pipe out of an apple. Its effecient and tasty after your bowls cashed.
  6. yeahh at first i wanted to make a hookah, but i got lazy and ended up using one of my old homemade bongs and just changed the stem + added the hose

    im just not sure whether it'll work or not.. i'd test it, but i don't have any on me right now>.<

    & yeah i know, surprisingly ive never used/made an apple pipe before.. i'll probably make one tomorrow or somethin

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