New Quantum board qb96 V2's are out from HLG. Cob replacement fixtures

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Tbone Shuffle, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. I’m not saying Cali lights are good or bad. I saw the price and moved on lol
  2. Great, time to clear the workbench!
  3. Do u guys think those new qb96 elite will out preform the qb288? I buy someone thing a few weeks later a new light
  4. I think he was only asking like $200.
  6. Damn, I take it they don’t do to well? Me personally would be skeptical of buying ANY used led. My thoughts would be either it’s old and worn down and or didn’t do a great job. Even if a light was 1000$ New. I wouldn’t pay 200 for it used just bc. Unless u find a noob or someone who just wants that light id say most used led lights would be hard to move unless u know a lot of ppl in the hobby and or they are dirt cheap being used
  7. about hlg. So when I was working on ordering the qb I ordered 304 at first then called hlg and spoke with a guy a few different times. He was telling me the difference from 288 to 304. And how the different spectrums 3000-3500-4000 Effects the plants and %. He was actually saying with “said spec” u will get a slight increase of thc... my mind went blank at that time and I was speechless and didn’t know how to reply to that! Was shocked he spoke about it over the phone so I didn’t bring up marijuana at all... I almost wonder if they grow weed themselves with the qb
  8. Yar, can you take it somewhere else?, a little off topic is fine, but that time is past. This is a qb96 thread.
  9. Any thread I’ve ever been in has never stayed on topic through the whole thread which is why I never read all of any of them because if there’s 20 pages 17 of them pages of shit talking about other stuff. I just brought that up because the main people I talk about quantum boards are talking about quantum boards here
  10. Can we talk qb96 now?
  11. Qb96 or qb96 elite?!
  12. First video of one running is up on youtube. I can't wait to see what a single one will do on a 240h driver. This is a 185h.
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  13. They know what most people are using the lights for. It's no secret that it's legal on the whole west coast. The lower K rating with more red might give you a little higher percentage.
  14. oh! Ik!! I was just shocked. Bc if I woulda been recording or an “undercover” or whatever. That prob coulda shut hlg down.

    But ya

  15. Someone has 96 elite v2 up and goin. I saw how he has his drivers. Looks easier then mounting to wall? Is how he has his a good way to place them? Would it heat up temp in tent having it like that? Atm I have mine on a box behind tent with others with a fan blowing on them when on
  16. But I’m happy he explained it to me the way he did. Helped out a ton on which to order and why
  17. It won't shut them down if they operate in a legal growing area. I don't think it's even illegal to sell grow lights to MJ growers from illegal states. It shouldn't be. People have been ordering grow lights for MJ for 30+ years and I haven't seen the light company get busted for selling them the lights yet.
  18. Easier then mounting to the wall maybe until they are raised up higher. If you have an open area possibly but my fixtures get raised to within 6" or so of the top of my tent. No room to hang a driver like that really unless it was off to the side in which case I'd rather just put a screw in it.
  19. Bc they don’t advertise them as marijuana growing lights. Idk where hlg is located. But I’m sure it’s like buying Mary Jane seeds. They say if ur n a illegal state they are not for germinating or growing. Same with lights. They know what they are used for BUT they are not allowed to talk about marijuana or marijuana growing. Same as head shops. And whether he is in a legal state or not. I bet the company is limited on what they can say about marijuana related subjects. Bc they have no clue who they are talking to or where they are
  20. Hmm. I'm not seeing the 3 pack. If you don't run heatsinks you're limited on wattage but to replace a 400 watt hps you would only need two boards and an HLG-320h-54a driver. That would put out way more light then a 400hps. If you want to really outfit the 4x4 well though IMO it would take 4 boards running on either two HLG-320h-54a's or two 240h-54a. The 240h's would be enough power the 320's would be a little overkill and most likely ran dimmed with 4 boards in a 4x4.

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