New Quantum board qb96 V2's are out from HLG. Cob replacement fixture-Replacement Thread **BS here**

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Or_Gro, Oct 12, 2018.

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  4. Running four 96s at 120w (lowest of 4 power levels) each at 18” above grid, in 4x4: four pucks can’t evenly spread sufficient far red to raise a 730 peak for a1ft perimeter of the tent (50% of sq ft).

    The best positioning is:
    Center 50% of footprint has equal or signif greater 730 peak than targeted.

    Some additional footprint coverage can be gained by raising to 24”; but, due to positioning adjacent to a 96, the 96 would also have to be raised from it’s optimal height so as not to block the puck’s light.

    The four pucks have a combined total of 16 far red diodes, probably need at least 2 more pucks, for at least 24 diodes ($45x6=$270).

    I think the primary problem with the puck is that all four diodes are in a small square configuration, putting out high intensity in a small footprint. The target spectrum from the 288s above has 16 far red diodes as well, but spaced out individually and uniformly in 4 rows across the 4x4.

    I have a 28 diode growbright far red bar ($130), i’ll locate it in center of tent at 18” and see how it does.
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  5. Sounds great

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  6. Basically, a single puck covers 2ftsq @ 18”
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  7. [​IMG]
    One down

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  8. Ok, so here is the rapidled fr puck/growbright smackdown:

    Here is the target red spectrum, i’m shooting for:

    Here is the actual 96 spectrum:

    For simplicity, since there are essentially four equivalent quadrants with a single 96 covering a 2x2 area, i am showing the spectra for a single single quadrant.

    The physical layout of pucks and bar are:

    Note the numbers in the drawing, these are positions for various soectra below.

    With only the specified far red light running, here is their intensity, color temp, and spectra at 18” above grid.

    Rapidled FR puck:
    074B568A-6DC1-451C-90C5-FD9A72783ADA.jpeg 29B9F87F-1851-4AF2-887C-47B53C10E38B.jpeg

    Growbright FR bar:
    163D0DAB-6E62-42EB-AD72-EDC78B64679D.jpeg F7336746-206F-4734-A083-74CA74EEE94C.jpeg
  9. Keep that intensity level (12.1ppfd vs 4.2ppfd) in mind when you look at the spreads.

    Spectra by positions shown on drawing:

    0CAC18AD-EFD0-41CB-9DF3-5F005048BDA9.jpeg 681E0790-DFB6-4990-8135-EF380D826589.jpeg A 1956672C-1F68-463B-A51D-1C159A80B1F4.jpeg 24940B61-AEF3-42E0-9002-AF891584AFE9.jpeg EAD6032E-D6BB-499C-91BE-FA03F9EB11CA.jpeg EDCE560F-D6D3-44E6-9724-CB205BBC7EF8.jpeg
  10. Bar:
    18D36FDB-A2BA-4937-A675-4450D33462F6.jpeg DDFAD8F3-1A6E-4F49-9119-E448EBA63399.jpeg 148C771E-9297-47B0-8797-A327062F79AC.jpeg 413EBD25-5638-4103-BEB6-10A251758577.jpeg 13ED2787-6E04-48D4-8252-69CB773B4E51.jpeg

    You don’t need much Far Red intensity to make a big impact, but you do need good diode spread.

    A single growbright bar ($130, single plug) provides relatively even coverage, four rapidled pucks ($180, four plugs) don’t.
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  11. [​IMG]
    One of these for every 2x2

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  12. What’s your question?
  13. No, one of those for far red in a 4x4 w four 96s

    Two pucks w one 96 for 2x2, or 6-8 pucks in s 4x4 w four 96s
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  14. An inexpensive diy alternative to pre-made far red lights, per @randomblame on riu:

    “You can get 10 top XP-Es/720-740nm for ~25$ from e3ay. (They also have XP-EHE deep-red in C01 bin(10pcs 20$) or top bin XPG3s)

    One could use a 3ft. 25x 25mm alli c-channels for proper cooling and distribution and a cheap MW APC-25-700. You will get a 15w net far-red bar with ~30-35μMol/s PPF for less than 40 bucks. Maybe 18wall watts.. Two of these bars would deliver a pretty even coverage in a 4x 4' tent. One can also use a 1000mA driver for ~25w, such a c-channel still has enough surface area for passive cooling(1320cm² and one need ~50cm²/w LED).

    These seller also has 16" strips with 12 Cree diodes(white or blue or red). When someone asks them, I could imagine they would create them even with far-red diodes or with a deep-/far-red combination. I have asked them for deep- and far-reds in top bin maybe 8 month ago and a week later they made them already available, same with the XPG3s .. so I think, its worth to ask them again ... of course only if interested in 16" strips.”
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  15. No, they said they would ship yesterday
    No notice yet[​IMG][​IMG]
    Defoliate that[​IMG]

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  16. Gonna have to take a weedwacker to that...
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  17. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Water cure 4-days
    Dried in 24hrs , super Skunk bud that got to much light I clipped it. 2 weeks left on SS
    Water cure is the only way. I’m high[​IMG]

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