NEW Pyrology Glass!!!!

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  2. how are prices gonna be?
  3. Meh, not too evolutionary.

    Pretty ad though, well worded.
  4. i am also very interested in pricing. These are pretty interesting looking, get back to us soon
  5. Expensive. Cheaper than and illy coil but they are still up there. My lhs has them and I think a beaker and coil is like 650.
  6. nice designs.

  7. ^^^ ive seen some of their stuff at Gotham in long island and they're priced like illys unfortunately. I really like that bubbled though!
  8. what's up with those tiny black caps in some of the pictures?
  9. Holes in add ons, like ashcatchers, so there is better airflow when you take the black cap off.

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