New PURE Bong :D

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    Just smashed some fat bowls of Trainwreck in my new PURE bong. :hello: It hits very smoothly, with no drag. :D Definitely a keeper for my glass family.:smoke: Cost me $290 plus tax at my LHS but I am very impressed with the overall quality.

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  2. Lookin sick man, I'd rep you if it would mean anything
  3. Thanks, man. :D
  4. How is it?
    I've never personally dealt with pure, or even took interest in looking at their products, but I do see a lot of people talking shit about PURE calling it pure shit, but I don't think it can really be all that bad. Even china glass isn't pure shit, china is just shitty shit.
  5. I have a lot of scientific glass. Pure is a pretty damn good addition. Huge rips with ease, no effort to clean, and it gets you super baked. No complaints. :)
  6. wow, for 290 you could have got so much better. and those dual set's of chinese tree perks must make thing thing a real pain in the ass to clear.

  7. Lol, money is not an issue at all. By the way, there's zero drag. I'm satisfied with my purchase, thanks. :wave:
  8. if money's not an issue why the fuck you buy a pure? lol I'd be sporting one of them galaxy themed pillars.

  9. Why don't you stop being negative and get off the man's dick? Sick looking piece op, enjoy :smoke:

  10. Word up, thanks a lot. ;)

  11. [quote name='"MASS GLASS420"']
    if money's not an issue why the fuck you buy a pure? lol I'd be sporting one of them galaxy themed pillars.[/quote]

    Money isn't an issue for bill gates, but you don't see him buying 6 billion dollars worth of glass.
  12. Great purchase fatties!
  13. i have the same background on my computer, man!
    badass glass though. little overpriced but its instant satisfaction. if hed have wanted cheap he would order online and wait weeks
  14. Wow. I havnt seen a pure in years. Buddy had one. Be careful with it. They are known to break like glass. Enjoy your new peace. Double perks are always fun.
  15. I can clear some confusion up...

    Pure is not made in china..."PURE COPIES" are made in china

    Just like roor copies

    Pure is made by ADS (Amsterdam design studios) have you ever seen an ads? They are intricate and hard to copy...

    Ever seen a pure? Well it's pretty damn simple looking easy to copy.

    Pure glass is the legit company.

    Pure(like this one is the china copy)

    Who gives a damn fuck what he could have got. He's high as fuck and happy :)
    Good pick up brotha!

    Oh and I've heard rumor that ads will eventually stop making pure due to these extreme massed produced copies
  16. Yeah i have herd that rumor too. Im seeing alot less pure bongs out there.
  17. Incase you've missed it, the whole hate for PURE/PHX has increased because; despite their glass being made in Asian production factories and sold to unwitting consumers for far more than the worth, they have been stealing designs from artists and then patenting them.

    Due to this, plenty of LHS's have been refusing to do business with them and they have been banned from certain trade shows.

  18. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! That's why you purchased china glass for $290, right?? I'd say that if you actually have lots of high end scientific glass like you say, you wouldn't be NEAR satisfied with this piece of Asian shit :bongin:
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    I saw a big ass bong that looks a lot like that in smokey's shoppe the other day. Might have to cop that shit

    Then this old lady came in and bought this huge black and white badass bong while i was paying for a little bubbler rofl

    I always like the clear bongs though so i can see my milk haha :bongin:

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