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New pups

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. Well looks like my blue Heeler is finally making his mark in the world. My red Heeler is dropping pups left and right. She has already had five sweet little pups with ,more to come. The last batch she had totaled 13, and my blue heeler wasn't the father. This time he has done his job! I'll get a picture of the pups and post it here as soon as i can.

    I feel proud!!!!!!!!!

    BPP do you want one old friend??
  2. no thanks on another heeler Bud Head. my female is pregnant by my male and I expect tp have a litter of little heelers in about 6 to 8 weeks. I don't know about wheer you are from but here, a picture and phone number at the farmer's Co-op will sell 'em all for $50 apiece in less than a week.

    I'm not very happy with my big male heeler at the moment. We weer playing yesterday morning and he bit the shit out of my thumb. I've got three bites on my thumb and a couple of scratches on my knuckles. Nothing deep but a couple lacerations about 2 inches long with a little bit of infection coming up. Probably need to go to the Doc and get a shot if the Neosporin doesn't clear it up.

    I need to remember to be a little quicker next time and not get him so fired up with rough play. It was my fault not his, even though I whipped him for it.

    Also, I got our last female cat fixed this week so I'm out of the cat business again. Two fixed females and two males, all under 2 years old. With 2 dogs, 4 cats, deer feeder, fish feeder its no wonder I'm at the Co-op every week buying animal feed.
  3. But, God endowed me with this unquenchable love for animals! So, I work all the time so they can lay on the sofa and sleep all day, and then see what kind of unidentifiable road kill they can go drag up at night. Or come home with their faces so swollen you can't see their eyes.(Bees!) Or jump into a pile of barbwire chasing a rabbit and lay himself open.(Yes, they all happened, as well as others!) My vet is a very rich man!

    Congrats on the new lives Bud! I just got out of the puppy biz myself. Got rid of all of Precious the Pasture dogs' pups finally.
    Next week we're gonna try to slip her a mickey so we can get her to the vet to get her fixed. She's not even my dog! But the ol' widow woman down the road has disowned her, even though she still feeds her. She's at our house when she's in the area. So I guess maybe it looks like the animal ban rule is going to be waived one more time

    She's a wanderer! You can't stop Precious. You can't even hope to contain her! She's street smart. I've seen her stand by the road and let traffic pass and still look both ways before crossing. She's smarter than hell, but was abused as a pup, so she'll never trust humans again. She'll come in the garage and dine with Rufus and the 3 yip-yip dogs. But she always keeps an open path to the door so she can split in a hurry if anything moves to quick. Giving this dog drugs is going to be fun! Ya ever see a dog try to run on Quaaludes?

    So that'll brings the tally to 5 dogs, 7 fish, 1 17yr. old cat who has'nt changed in the last 15 yrs. An old palamino horse who once again has recovered and was playing wild indian pony last night! Sumbitch gets any better I'm gonna put a saddle back on him!

    NO! I don't want a puppy so don't even ask!
  4. Hey guys and gals. She has dropped 8 pups so far. It seems to take her forever to drop all the pups.

    critter, yea they are distructive if ya don't keep them in a fence. I have a half acre fenced off just for my dogs. I know what ya mean about being gullible. My dogs are great friends.

    Unoit, i love these dogs. Loveable and they are good with kids. I use mine to work my cows and family pets.

    OK BPP, let us know when your pups arrive. It must be the time of year for heelers to mate. Good luck with yours!

    Smokie, yea all of us pet owners have rich vets. I don't think i'll have any problems finding good homes for the pups. I just hope the boys will let me get rid of -em.
  5. this year ????
  6. I've got two left out of nine.. I may have the last two sold..

    My blue heeler got killed by some other dogs.. I wish I knew which dogs did it... They would definately never do it again..

    I broke up a fight between my male and 5 other dogs that was whipping up on him one evening..

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