New Pulse glass stemline to doubleshowerhead

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    Hi guys, just picked up a new piece over the weekend. The headshop told me that they were a new company in socal and the price was good so i pulled the trigger.

    Let me know what you guys think

    [ame=""]New Pulse Glass Stemline to Double Showerhead - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Great way to introduce yourself to the community buddy.

    Thats a really clean piece you got there.
  3. Nice piece dude, welcome to the city!
  4. Nice piece, heady slide is cool but looks like the top would bubble a lot better with a better flowing slide.

    Down grid on the stemline?
  5. Need a bit more water in the bottom chamber. Looks like a very nice piece though! What did it set you back, if you don't mind my asking.
  6. Thanks guys I'll be sure to put more water on the bottom.

    The stemline is slits not gridded, but owner mentioned something about them maybe doing gridding in the future. Not sure though.

    I picked up the heady bowl with the piece, but ya an ice pinch would probably work alot better.

    I got it for $360 in Lancaster, CA.
  7. Yeah I didn't mean gridded sorry, just used to saying up/down grid for SG. The slits are facing down tho right?
  8. nice tube
  9. Thanks guys and ya the slits are facing downward.
  10. Hey man. Where at in socal? The birthday is tomorrow, lookin for somethin like this
  11. I got it in Lancaster, the shop is called Puff n Stuff.
  12. Got some time to clean the piece and took a picture.

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  13. nice pickup man, double showerheads are the shit
  14. very nice, love the slide
  15. [quote name='"tommythetoker42"']I got it in Lancaster, the shop is called Puff n Stuff.[/quote]

    .... Just got a pipe there. Weird
  16. What a small world! The guys there were pretty chill.

    Thanks guys! I just picked up a Mobius Matrix Bubbler probably gonna make an video soon and post it up.

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