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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by pokinsmot420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Need quick easy help, as i am a proud nooby[​IMG]. Okay well to start off this is my first grow(indoors). I'm running a 1000watt hps light under a yeild masterII reflector/hood deal thats vented with a 340cfm inline fan with 6inch venting..(you get the picture I'm sure). 10x12 room all walls lined with mylar 2mil and window covered by face2face black n white plastic. Okay now time for the actual questions..

    To start off with and the most important immediate question is my timer issue. i just purchased the apollo 6 timer(not digital) and i really need to figure out how to time it before work tomorrow. Its plain confusing and came with next to nothing for instruction....HELP please asap.

    Okay, secondly I know 1000watts is not enough for a good size room, I need suggestions on designs period.

    The space i have available is a 10x12 room and a 4x8room that if push comes to shove it can be 4x12.

    I was thinking something along the lines of putting the 1000w in the 4x8 on a light mover for veg. on MH(Its a switchable ballast). and something like 2 600w hps in the 10x12.

    Please keep in mind i am a noob so Im trying to piece this together in fair time and fair price.(No monies![​IMG]) I've got 5chilln in the light 20inches tall on general organics. I've got a temp guage with a probe with humidity. ph tester light tester and moisture tester to name my tools..

    Thanks for any and all help![​IMG]

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