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    Hey Blades hows everyone doing on this marvelous day?
    I currently just picked up this storage cabinet from Walmart and I'm going to try and do a grow in it. Any and all feedback is HIGHly :smoke: appreciated so give me all ya got ;)

    Heres the cabinet (it is a very cheap cabinet nso I have my work cut out for me :p
    I dont currently have any materials im going to be working on this through out the winter and hopefully have it ready by spring. any reccomendations on where to start on making this a DECENT grow box
  2. That link just takes me to Walmarts homepage. Heres how to post an internet pic. Right click the pic and choose the option "Copy Links Location". Come here to post/edit click the Insert Image button and paste the link (CTRL V)
  3. Sorry about that, any Suggestions?
  4. your gonna need a hole saw to drill holes for ventilation and such, and your gonna needa a bunch of the obvious things like mylar, thermometers, fans, figure out which lighting you can cool inside those dimensions, you have alotta work, i remember converting my first box its alot of fun, and youll learn a ton.
  5. Is it assembled already? If not then you are better to try to cut the holes before assembly. A hole saw will cut the perfect hole but isn't versatile (all you can do with a 6" hole saw is cut 6" holes), so I suggest instead using a jigsaw or reciprocating saw, then you can use it to cut any size/shape you want.

    As you assemble, put caulk along the edges as you put the pieces together so that it is airtight and light-tight. You'll need to figure out how to seal the doors.
  6. Dimensions? What do you want to put in it?

  7. i just picked up one of these for actual clothes in my room the other day. The back is that thin cardboard stuff like bookshelves.

    and the dimensions are 59inch high 22 inch wide and like 13 inches deep
  8. First figure out how to lay out the interior, if it is going to be separate chambers for cloning/veg/flower or less chambers. Flower chamber will need to be kept light tight from the others.

    Then start thinking about your plant and airflow layout. Think about the lighting at this time as well to get an idea of how much heat will need to be exhausted. If it will have an HPS a cool tube or other way of directly containing the heat is a must in such a small space. Plan for overkill on airflow and it can always be turned down with a speed controller or auto-temp controller (VSC-DNE). A filter for any air coming into the cabinet will help keep bugs/dust out and prolong the life of the carbon filter, but keep in mind any airflow restrictions will require more CFM to keep the temperature down.

    Carbon filter(s) will need to be sized proportionally to the amount of airflow, make sure it has enough carbon and surface area to last a few grows before needing to replace the carbon. If stealth is desired make sure that any air leaving the cabinet has to go through the carbon filter first. Insulated ducting is great for quieting down loud exhaust fans. Plenum chambers can also be built to quiet that "whooshing" air noise (premade silencer ducting helps too). Thick blankets or other insulation can be wrapped around the fan and exhaust ducting to further deaden fan noise.

    The thin carboard backing should be replaced with something sturdier like masonite sheeting to help keep everything air/light tight and for longevity through setup/teardown/rebuild when moving. Make sure to predrill and screw things together, nails will suck if it ever needs to be taken apart. Caulk all seams and use foam rubber weatherstripping of various sizes on the doors to seal light/air leaks.

    Plan, plan, plan before starting to cut holes and pieces to assemble.
  9. I don't think a cool tube or air cooled good will fit. Most need about 30" from end to end when you include ducting.

  10. THANK you on all this awesome info :p. I'm thinking of using some CFLs for my lighting. what would be adequate Light wise for 2 plants?

  11. 150-200 watts for 2.
  12. I'd suggest splitting the height, and installing a high cfm fan and carbon scrubber in the top, exhausting out of the top. Then go from there. If you need stealth, which it seems you do, then a scrubber and inline fan are a MUST. If you get that handled first, you shouldn't have heat problems either.
  13. If you're thinking fluorescents (which is a not a bad choice for a small cabinet, especially if you do screen training) I would skip straight past the normal spiral bulbs and go with some PL-L lights with high-quality reflectors. Or some good T5 high-output stuff.

    Thinking about efficiency, 50% of the light is going straight up, without a good reflector (somewhat harder to DIY) most of that is wasted light. On spiral CFLs most light is emitted from the sides, so laying them all flat is best, but even then there is significant 'restrike' from light hitting all the spiral tubing.

    Are you thinking about a perpetual setup, 1 plant in veg and 1 in flower at the same time? It looks large enough to house a DWC cooler flower chamber on the bottom and veg on top, maybe just one shelf with a 60%/40% or 70%/30% height split.
  14. Your cabinet is very similar in size to mine.

    I did a lot of research before building mine and it's working great so far. Take a look at my grow journal for detailed plans and photos of every aspect of the cabinet. I'm at Day 42 and things are looking pretty good.
  15. Oh I'm going to be VERY interested in this, I have a VERY SIMILAR cabinet that we've emptied and are planning on doing the same thing. I just have no clue as to how to start.

    Best of luck.

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