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New Project Ideas

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by sledge20, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I am on a very low budget and was researching a few products for my next grow. I have previously grown outside but am not sure how I should set up my indoor garden. I only plan on cultivating a few plants. I was thinking on purchasing two things:

    1.) LED Comet 150 (Hidhub) 150.00
    2.) Eco Flow Desktop Hydroponics System (as seen on this months cover of High Times). 38.00

    So my total would come to 202.7 with shipping.

    Like I said, low budget, few plants, and electric cost is an issue.

    Any thoughts or comments will be greatly apprechiated.

    Please Help a new guy out.
  2. youll need fans for air circulation and ventilation, a ph tester, nutrients, and make sure you have good water first. outdoor growing is a bit different than indoor growing. ive grown outdoors much longer than indoors..the experience helps but controlling mother nature makes it a bit more tedious.

  3. Yo! What about fans, hydrometer, nutes, filtration, odor filter, rpp meter, ph meter, 60x microscope and dont forget the seeds!:eek:
  4. I have a fan (luckily LED's also don't produce as much heat.

    Odor is not a problem.

    I've had lots of luck with Fox Farm nutes, so I plan on trying their hydro stuff (and the desk hydro system comes with some)

    I use distilled water exclusively, though a PH tester isn't a bad idea.

    I have a microscope and seeds.

    RPP meter? please tell me more.

    Thanks guys, I apprechiate the info.

    What do you guys think about the Lighting/hydro combo? It's a small closet, probs no more than 5-6 plants. I really like the idea of no ballast + less heat with the LEDs.
  5. still need fans and ducting to bring in fresh air or have co2 injection, regardless of the heat. idk much about leds but i know ill never use them for flowering..

  6. check out my grow im using 90w led(107$ EBAY:D)+some cfl's and a homemade Ebb n Flo system THE BUDS ARE LOOKING GREAT! (also im using Technaflora's "recipe for seccess")

    i think what he meant was PPM(parts-per-million)meter A.K.A TDS meter...

    PH & PPM meters are a must with hydro,without them your throwing yourself into a shark tank


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  7. ALSO.......


    (rep is appreciated)

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  8. Thanks alot Love4led, great stuff.

    Still looking for opinions on the lighting combo though. Mostly from those who have used LED. The hidhut site has only two reviews on the LED comet 150, and they're great, but there are still only two. I'm looking for more of advise on equipment itself than growing advice (which has definetely helped though).
  9. Now that's the kind of information I needed. Thank you. Where did you find the wattage for the Led Comet 150?
  10. it says..."Light measures 3 inches in diameter, and 5 inches long. It accepts 120 volt or 240 volt input, and consumes approximately 36 watts of power. Light is recommended for 1-2 square feet in flowering, up to 3 square feet in vegetative growth. 3 year warranty (1 year full coverage, 2 years prorated)" right on the site when i clicked on the light
  11. Nevermind, I see it.
  12. im not saying its a bad light, just one or two of them is not enough for any real growth
  13. Gotcha, isn't alot of the reason people use LED's is the fact they use less power though?
  14. well they use less power(creates less heat) because they only use the spectrums ur plant needs unlike traditional bulbs that use all spectrums but focus on certain parts of the chart.... so all the light ur plant isnt using is just wasted money and extra heat u gotta deal with.....

    Also they have no filaments in the bulbs...which creates extra heat

    (my 90w LED (107$ shipped) puts off less heat than a 23w cfl and covers about 10 times more space)
  15. Thanks, I also see hid huts Comet 400 only used 90 watts, at 350.00. I feel like comparing wattage from hps/mh and LED is like apples and oranges.
  16. "The LED UFO LED grow lights are the most revolutionary plant lighting product since the inception of High Pressure Sodium lamp. Consuming only 90 watts of power and producing virtually no heat, these LED grow lights boast light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 400W HPS." -Hid Hut

  17. the # 400 is just a model number.....its probably a 100w light

    if you wanna see what one of the 90w leds i posted the link to from ebay can doo go check out my grow :D
  18. I'm thinking the Model numbers are being directly related to the theoretical output of efficent light in, HPS VS. LED

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