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  1. ive been looking around to see which new candidate supports legalization more an i cant seem to find the answers....does anyone out their know??:smoking:
    i wrote high times but their no reply yet.

    thank you,,

    :smoking:much love:smoking:
  2. Ron Paul wants to end the war on drugs and legalize marijuana.
  3. if your serious about ron paul, then he's got my vote
  4. from everything i have read, ron paul seems amazing
  5. ron paul ftmfw!
  6. Finally my first year able to vote in a presidential election and my vote will be going to Ron Paul. I hope all this internet buzz turns into a win for him.

  7. Yeah, my first vote was casted against bush... didn't do much good, and he was the only reason I registered.
  8. You're making the presumption that he'll get the Republican party's nomination...which I highly, highly doubt.
  9. Ron Paul unfortunately will not be on the Presidential Ballot in 2008. Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican nomination quite handily and Ron Paul would then have to run as a Libertarian. Considering he has run as a Libertarian before, but is running as a Republican this time; it is very doubtful that he would try to run as a Libertarian. So, the only way to actually vote for Ron Paul is to register as a Republican and vote for him in the primaries... but with 1% of Republicans supporting him now, it seems like a futile effort.

    Now, if you want to put your efforts towards someone who will actually be on the Ballot in 2008... Steve Kubby is your man. Steve Kubby will not only end Marijuana prohibtion, but would end all prohibition as it is clearly unconstitutional. He would also pull us out of Iraq and end this imperialist process. He would also convert to the FairTax system that would allow Americans to keep all their paycheck and convert us to the only fiar and progressive tazation system known, a pure consumption tax. He would also get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and every Department of Goverment that is innefective and a drain on the economy.

    Everything we all like about Ron Paul is because of his libertarian constitutionalist values. Steve Kubby and every member of the Libertarian party holds these same values. Small Goverment, non-interventionalist foreign policy, and protect the homeland and Bill of Rights at all costs.

    Steve Kubby in '08!!!
  10. with all the problems in the world right now, voting for a president because of marijuana probably isn't such a good idea, even if we do get a president thats pro marijuana, you still nead to get a senate thats atleast 1/2 pro marijuana and the house also neads to be atleast 1/2 pro marijuana.
  11. ditto,,,, and +rep. excellent info. and good articulation on it,,,:cool:
  12. Seriously, please don't vote for somebody based solely on their views with marijuana. Don't make the average persons view on a pothead correct by doing such an idiotic thing.
  13. mr.president there has been a terror attack on USA

    "mmhmmm ill take care of it later let me smoke this joint!!"
  14. even though that could be right, for a different candidate...

    but steve kubby. is also down for the fair-tax,,, and this my friend would turn this economy around and put a little bit of the governments power, back to the people,,, whom the 2'nd ammendment was to protect us from,,, or actually allow us to defend ourselves against a overpowerful gov.

    which it is becoming each day,,,,

    he's going to try to put the country back on line with the constitution,,,,,,,,,, a place we aint been since the 20's......... the years before prohibition took place,,,

    i dont like the gov. taking 150.00$ out of my check each week,, for taxes,,,,

    ill pay taxes when i buy stuff,,,, the whole principile of the fair tax,,,

    http://fair :wave:

  15. It could be the case for any candidate supporting the legalization. I haven't looked into Kubby too much personally, and I do like what I've seen from Ron Paul. I'm just asking that whoever someone votes for, its not based solely on their views of marijuana.

    I would hope that views on marijuana weren't such a crucial thing to some people, but I can already tell that, that won't be the case by some peoples reactions already.
  16. Well, if all the lazy asses on the internet that are for Dr.Paul got off their ass and voted in the primaries to get him in, then yes he sure as hell does have a good chance.

    The problem is actually getting these people out there
  17. i dont vote in '' local'' elections,,, but i vote in the primary's and the general election,,,,,,

    i could give a shit who my mayor is,,,, but the pres, congress, and the senate,,,, will and does affect you,,,,

    so im very active on that day,,,,:cool:
  18. While I agree that people shouldn't base their vote on Marijuana legalization alone, I do think it is important we stand up for what we think is right. Marijuana is a big part of OUR lives. It is more so that the government is slowly taking away our freedoms, and it's wrong. Once they win one battle, it makes it that much easier for them to win the next. I use to be against voting because I never thought my vote would count but I am definitely for voting now. Don't look at it as a throw away vote, look at it as someone willing to stand up and voice YOUR opinions. I wish I had more of a voice in our nation, I would stress the importance of voting. Don't just not vote for someone because they can't win... because that's how they lose.
  19. Well, if you knew the truth about marijuana prohibition you would immediately demand it to be re-legalized. Marijuana is only illegal due to the usefulness of Cannabis Hemp and it's ability to run all of America's biggest corporations straight out of business (minus the tobacco companies which will stand to profit; which to me explains why Big Tobacco sponsored anti-marijuana campaigns are so ineffectively amusing.) While I don't think the legality of recreational drugs should be the primary concern of the average voter, I do feel that falsely criminalizing a potentially trillion dollar a year industry should be.

    Look at the biggest problems in this country; over-taxation, prohibition, war-mongering and religion... go figure their all tied in together. Only three of them can be fixed by political means (well, I suppose we could outlaw religion, but I don't see the need in that.) Steve Kubby's got the best solution for all those problems. And if you don't think the supported criminalization of the world's most plentiful resource because of religious beliefs resulting in over-taxation is a big problem worth casting your vote towards... well, then God bless you my child. ;)

    Educate yourself.
  20. no doubt ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ im sorry i went on a retarded rant,, but a political rant can go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and most of the time does go in odd directions,,,,,

    but i firmly believe that america is being '' DUMBED-DOWN'' by our current education system,,,,

    and im sorry for my rant,,, but im very active on this topic,,,,

    like they say.. '' a mind is a terrible thing to waste'' especially if you fill it with a bunch of '' REWRITTEN HISYORY''

    peace and love to all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devious:

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