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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by kinetic being, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Why did you change the post layout from the avatar/info on the side to on top? I think it ruins to flow and grasscityness of the forum...

    And, why are some of the new forums all dark green and not fitting in with the rest of it?
  2. It's probably just a feature of the new software.

    I'll get used to it although I did like the old look better.
  3. i like how on the top, it says what the forum is about, cause iv noticed there is a lot of mistakes in posting areas....

    although im sure we are all gunna get used to the new layout, the only part i dont like yet, is having all the post count and rep bars and join date and stuffs on the other side, through me for a loop

    but, give it a month and we will are get used to it.

    shit, i just noticed, its all on the top nOW!? i liked wen it was all on the side better XD
  4. I think it looks fine except for the whole eight inch blank spot op top of the posts. Nothing to worry about since it's not a deal at all. I like how there were added sub-forums and forum descriptions. General Chat and Pandora's Box should be cleaned up quite a bit now :hello:
  5. I just read SuperJoint's post about the new layout (should've done that before)

    he says...

    "There is still a small improvement we hav to make on one of the style sheets, so that the member info, gets back to he left colum, instead on top of each post, this will be done tomorrow!"
  6. awsome.
  7. I think it lookes weird :/ But i love this place so i'll get used to it. :)
  8. superjoint is changing it back tomorrow so don't get used to it lol
  9. He is? wow, i'm already starting to like it.

    Diggin' the new categories too!
  10. Oh, praise lord superjoint... I do not like this at all.

    "We fear change."
  11. It's been a part of vBulletin since 3.0 and is default, the update to 3.7.2 probably enabled it is all. I am used to it either way. Maybe there could be an option? I ran a vB once and had a hack which allowed you to select how to display it from the "Thread Options" AJAX dropdown, as well as the UserCP. Was nice, I know it's on somewhere.
  12. Haha... is it me or has the date format changed as well? I haven't been on in a while, but I thought it was like "Aug-05-2008" or something instead of numbers and dashes.

  13. You are freaking
  14. yeah, I'll be happy when the user info is changed back to the side. Its hard to keep track of whose post it is and it adds more screen real estate to scroll through.
  15. this is going back to old style tomorrow, it's a stylesheet thingy, the green stuff are categories, with subforums, so the green stuff you can't post in only the subforums, to get's things organized you know. It's some change, yes i know, but it's all for the best....

  16. what exactly do you mean? I'm tired.... let me know andi look at it tomorrow

  17. Go to sleep, SJ. :)
  18. ok, ok :). signing off....
  19. This is all kinds of messed up. Someone IM me when GC goes back to normal.

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