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  1. Hey I tried sprouting my one bag seed and it did.I don't care about sex or anything I just want to grow and flower(if possible)Whats the cheapest light I can get to grow with I heard people talk about CFL's do these fit in normal light fixture?Can I grow with these all the way?I might transplant outdoors(not sure)but last possible frost is in may.Any cheap soil recommendations(I heard wal mart works and Scotts rooting)?
  2. Sup man
    Welcome to the city.

    First off unfortunately for you you are going to have to learn how to sex a plant because males can't be smoked (they do not bud). That is of course if you are growing with feminized (all female) seeds.

    Second, you want 2 foot long flouros they need to be in a fixture that is two feet long. If you are talking about flouros that screw into your moms antique lamp well you can find those too. They are lights that are curled almost in a bulb shape. Those will work indoors until you can plant outside which will be good too.

    Cheap soil: if you have to get Scott's or Miricle Grow make sure it is WITHOUT any added nutrients or fertilizer (same thing). You have to read the bag to see this. It may be in an NPK form such as N20-P20-K20 or something similar. If it has anything like that in it STAY AWAY. Other than that any organic or non organic potting soil will work.

    Good luck ...
  3. ok I just got some schultz organic soil all I could find went to wal mart they only had MG w/plant food for potting soil.I'm not sure if it'll be alright it says it's got natural food in it "primary food source from aerobically composted turkey litter,hydrolyzed feathermeal and sulfate of potash" anybody know if that'll ruin my seedling reply quick that seed's taproot is waiting:D ?
    Total nitrogen 0.06%
    ammonicial N 0.006%
    water soluble N0.006%
    insoluble N0.048%
    available phosphate 0.09%
    soluble potash 0.06%
  4. Since it is all organic I think it should be okay, aslong as it doesn't have any time release type of fertilizers, it will work.
  5. I got a baby:)it's actually got it's second pair of leaves on it already it still curled a little too is that normal?
  6. Do you have pictures?
    Curl could be many things including over or under watering or fertilizer burn. PICS are needed to be sure.
  7. well I didn't think the curl was unusual since it just popped out of the soil 2 nights ago, but to develop the 2nd set of leaves that quickly was what I was questioning I aint complaining if it's growin fast though:cool:
  8. hey I got a GE twisty bulb(CFL?) soft white 100 actually 26 watt 1700 lumenss but it doesn't say fluorescent does that mean it will or will not work?
  9. That should work for starters. What to shoot for is roughly 100w of light, not the equal watts but the real ones. That CFL is 26w so eventually you'll need 3 more. Walmart makes great ones called 'Lights of America' and they cost $7. Check out any journals by Polski for possible ideas as he does whole grows by Fluro

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