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New Portable Vape coming out soon (Stealthvape)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by UmphPool, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. A friend of mine sent me the link to this vaporizer and im really looking into it. Its called the Stealth Vape it weighs an once and its only a couple inches.

    Someone that works for them says they get 30-45 hits out of it. It heats up to 250 C in five seconds. This would be an awesome piece for concerts or if you just want to smoke in your dorm/room.

    My question would be should I wait for this or get a MFLB. I have a pretty high tolerance and I don't like my Vapir NO2

    I honestly like how portable it is, and its pretty cool looking. I would invest in a Buddah but I have no where to put it and don't love vaping enough to buy it.

  2. Looks cool, kind of like a bullet. Id like to hear about its heating system etc, can you point me to more info on this little guy?
    Its really personal preference with portable vapes, I personally had the mflb and sold it because it didnt get used much, but i do kind of wish i had one now. I have the iolite wispr but it kind of gives off a wierd taste when inhaling.
    If i was you i would wait for info on this new vape.
  3. betcha ya gotta suck on it like a penis.....looks cool though I bet it hits just like a MFLB sounds familar

  4. well theres a website but I think im not allowed to post links that advertise lol
    Search Stealthvape on Google they have a twitter/fbook/website
    I really kind of want this
  5. Well I messaged them on twitter and they said they'll have these in headshops. And they re-tweeted me lmao
  6. Looks like its very similar to the mlfb as to how it works just a different cover. If this is the case and they do work the same I would go with the mlfb due to their lifetime warranty which covers pretty much everything but lost and stolen.
  7. looks like the vapor buddy...
  8. [quote name='"star farm"'] i would go with the mlfb due to their lifetime warranty which covers pretty much everything but lost and stolen.[/quote]

    The stealthvape comes with a lifetime warranty too. I think ill pick one of these suckers up

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