New poll, 55% of adults now support legalization

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    The key is to just keep educating your friends, families, coworkers and anyone who will listen. We're getting closer to our goal, but we still need an overwhelming majority before those in the government will take the legalization movement seriously.

    Also it would help if everyone in the corrupt cocaine smuggling organization called the DEA were to randomly die.

  2. totaly rite about that shit haha!!!

  3. Entirely agreed. This is exactly how I had been introduced to cannabis, along with some tokes :)

    Once we get to 65 - 70 percent approval, then we can expect legalization to unfold. Unfortunately the 55 percent that say they approve does not necessarily mean that they actively support legalization.

    What we need is 55 to 60 percent of the population to actively support, not passive.
  4. Right on about the passive part. Probably half of those in support right now have an iffy opinion like "oh medical mj is fine imo, but idk about full legalization" or they're just to lazy to go out and vote.

    People need to be made aware of ALL the ways legalization would benefit them even if they don't plan on using mj recreationally. From the benefits of industrial hemp to less of their tax dollars going to imprison nonviolent mj offenders. Also how it's superior to prescription opiates for those with chronic pain and all the real medicinal uses.
  5. New poll - 40% of the 55% of adults who now support legalization say they don't usally bother to vote.

  6. they most likely stoned. However these numbers simply have to be seen sooner or later.
  7. Not to seem like the debbie downer here but how accurate do you really think this is? I've never voted in a poll.

    Anyone wanna explain how they get these numbers?

    I will advocate the use of marijuana any day so don't start flaming
  8. prolly more like:
    45% support prohibition
    50% support regulation
    5% tops support legalization
  9. I don't know how they do it, but from what I gather, they took random people from each group (male, female, age, democrat, republican, independant) scattered across the whole country and took a basis off those people who voted.

    Sorry if that didn't make much sense haha.
  10. I think it's going to be a 1-2 push for legalization. 1. Education, that means telling other people that there are pushes for legalization. Why it's illegal, what the consequences are. And 2, actually getting people to vote.
  11. or just start getting people to try weed. i was against everything now still everything but weed
  12. Right, I have many like really conservative minded people friends that smoke it up man. In fact I can say I know hundreds that do lol...

  13. ^^^ I agree with this, At least one time per week, I "convert" someones thinking , mostly Family or friends , keep educating people, be smart about your MJ , lets get legal.

  14. Explain the difference between regulation and legalization. Aren't most legal things regulated in some way?

    I sure hope that bud gets regulated in at least some way for quality control
  15. [​IMG]

    Also, regulation is legalization. The government doesn't regulate prohibited substances. Something is either legal and allowed or illegal and prohibited. lol Also, the poll question used the word 'legalise' is looks like, so I doubt the voters took the liberty of making it an ambiguous mess. :laughing:
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    regulation is socialism by definition, therefore it is not FREE MARKET and it is not truly legal to run a business with
    imo the ONLY involvement government should have is to collect a 10% sales tax on EVERYTHING thats sold, no higher taxes for certain things or nothing, and then GTFO and leave business's and citzens alone.

    no i don't think that five year olds should toke up or whatever, but thats NOT the governments desicion to make, thats the business owners and the parents
    regulation would mean special taxes for bud, which would essentially turn bud into another tobacco or alcohol, the business's are not only REGULATED as to who they can sell to, but they can only go so low without losing money on the sale, also on regulation, it'd be like alcohol, u may be able to drink/smoke, but afterwards you can't walk down the street, you can't drive, you be in public, the stress gets put on the fact that you're drunk/high rather than focusing on whats really important: are you violating anyone elses rights? if not, the law has NO place to even talk to you, if they do, its because you're violating someone else's rights, nto cs you're drunk or high

    prohibiton is ALMOST better
    you're not supposed to touch it or anything, however if you know how to keep a low profile, you can run a business unaffected by socialist law, you can smoke all you want and you won't get in trouble as long as you keep a low profile, the government can't actually control the weed if they pretend it doesn't exist...

    but, BEST OF ALL is legalization
    you can toke/drink/smoke/whatever AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, the government doesn't tell business's what they can and can't sell and it doesn't tell them who they can sell it too, they collect their taxes and gtfo, leaving you and whoever you're doing business with(store most likely) alone
    there's no such thing as drunk or high driving laws, simply reckless driving or whatever would cover your particular thing you were doing(not that i agree with people that drive drunk, but again being drunk isn't the part that matters, its the stupid thing they did)
    monetarily it wouldn't be such a waste of money because it wouldn't be a crime for a 17yr old to toke up or smoke and as such we wouldn't waste money prosecuting him/her and whoever bought for em/sold to em and we wouldn't waste so much money on ads

    as with guns, regulating or prohibiting ANYTHING doesn't make it any harder for criminals to get a hold of, it just makes the innocents unable to get ahold of these things for defense/medicine/whatever the item may be they want/need

  17. they most probable stoned. even so these quantities merely should be witnessed sooner or later.

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