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New Pokemon X Y = wack

Discussion in 'General' started by The innovator, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. New Pokemon and Pokemon game coming out in October. These guys really need to stop with the new Pokemon. They ran out of ideas after the 3rd gen this is now the 5th (I think) and it's completely going downhill. The creatures are just recycled and just look weird as shit now. Here's a little video about it. If I were in charge I'd make different games with different places and adventures mostly the same pokemon just a few different powers and stuff.

    [ame=]Pokemon X & Y Announced! - Inside Gaming News Desk - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Anything past the originals I dont consider canon.

  3. fuck it. i'll play it.
  4. Naturally the first 150 were what I grew up with and like the most. But using the same Pokemon every game for this many years would be boring as hell I think. It only makes sense to add more
  5. Looks perty cool IMO
  6. Ur wrong it looks dope. If u think the designs are going downhill, look at the first gen and you will find some of them are stupid as shit. A snake? A fuckin magnet? A pokeball with a face? A REVERSE pokeball with a face? A fucking crab?
  7. pokemon will always be awesome as fuck.

    on my death bed i'm going to mutter the name of a pokemon to fuck with people.
  8. You guys don't think these new Pokemon are just repeats and look stupid as hell? I mean I'd play the game cause Pokemon is awesome but it's nowhere near the first few gens.
  9. Pokemon.. Created for children.
    But Grown men love it.
    Such a turn off.

  10. Werent you a dude

    then a girl

    then a dude

    what are you? lol

  11. dude of course. i think a lot of the pokemon get stupid as hell :laughing: but that's not gonna stop me from playing. you have to consider Mogwai's point. It would get boring as hell with the originals.

  12. I'm not trying to turn you on I'm trying to enjoy myself so fuck your opinion. :wave:

    You sound boring as fuck btw.
  13. Hey easy there don't go making fun of my favorite Pokemon( voltorb and magnemite, or pretty much any electric Pokemon) :cool:
  14. gold was the shit

    only other one I played was pearl it was fun too
  15. Umm.. what are you talking about? And more importantly, how do you know me if you joined in 2012? lol? previously banned, ya?
  16. Yes, I'm boring as fuck.
    Says the 17 year old who still plays pokemon. LOL.
  17. Check your jimmies, they might be russtled.


  18. True that I'll jump to your ship. I'm probably going to play it too but years later when I can get it free as a rom :p
  19. they need to make a really good console pokemon game.

  20. dude just a tip, you can get it free as a rom even before it's out in english :D
    as long as you can put up with japanese and english patches anything is possible.

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