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New plug questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Badfish12345, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Alright so basically this new guy got hired at the place I work and we've gotten to be pretty good friends, at least on the clock. Well, last time we worked together we got to shooting the breeze and eventually we started talking weed. Apparently he didn't didn't know I smoked and vise versa, but now that he knew he revealed himself to be a plug and said he has "Killer buds". I'm thinking about buying from him but he said he'd sell me a fourth for $50, which got me pretty exited at first, but then I started thinking, how killer are his buds for $50 a fourth? What do y'all think I should do? Go for the green or just forget the offer altogether?

    Oh also if it makes a difference I see this guy on an almost daily basis which sorta has me convinced that he wouldn't rip me off, but then again you never know :confused_2:
  2. Halfs for 105 , Oz for 220. Anything within this price range for TOP SHELF is a straight from the Seller price.

    If it's random shit, don't even waste your time.

    Remember, people arn't out to be your friend, they want money. People are brutal, and don't get taken advantage of.
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  3. Nvm, I actually talked to a few of my co workers and they all said they've tried his shit and it's actually pretty dank, I think i'm gonna buy from him and see for myself.
  4. It's very simple have him bring you the quarter take a long look at it, smell etc..if it looks good get it, very simple price sure can't be beat.
  5. Yh, not rocket science. have a little look at it. if it looks and smells dank grab that shit and be happy you got a 10/10 plug :yay:
  6. Shit. Around whwre i live, i can get a 1/8 for around $40

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  7. Okay, but maybe he might just be stupid and sells good bud for cheap prices. Maybe he gets good bud for cheap prices. I say try it out and see where it takes you lol, it wouldn't hurt to try. You'd end up with weed either way.
  8. buy it and try it. derp. if good, remain friends. if so-so, part ways(as far as buying. you can still remain friends).
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  9. So many variables in life.

    If it ain't legal in your area then u at the mercy of the 'game'. Act accordingly.
  10. I'd trust him but don't get played, I get medical grade product for a deal, I got 14G for 80$... it frankly depends on how close your buddy is to the guy who grows it.

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