new platinum LED P300, 2x2x4 micro scrog grow tent..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by buckethead129, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. small-so grow tent, mylar lined.. p300 platinum led.. only on veg switch right now.. seedlings got burned in some emergency soil i needed to start em. new growth is looking good once i put em in some organic soil/coco mix 10 gallon smart pots.. new growth is lush green and "praying" right up to that light, 6 inch outtake exhaust fan, vented out of room into bathroom located in adjacent room w the exhaust fan always on.. humidity constant 39-48%. passively vented with screens open and open window in room tent is in.. temps are at a range from 78-82 never reached over 82 since i set it up.. no worth pics yet.. will post some when they show off a lil more beefiness.. first "high end" led attempt.. aside from that lil slip up of putting em in some too hot soil for seedlings, i had to plant ASAP! this light seems to be excellent for atleat this stage of the grow.. i wanna give a TRUE review of these LEDs too, cuz theres lots of slander going on in the industry.. I'm scrogging as i only have 1 or 2 girls.. its only a 4' tent.. i wanna penetrate and jus get one nice even canopy of buds.. set up sounds about right any pros? thinking about getting a 4" intake fan tmrw for better circulation, i wanna maybe draw it from the open window, but its a hot summer here, i dunno if that will do more damage.. hmm lmk will post pics soon prmise
  2. tightest node structure iv ever seen on any grow.. the seeds are some bag seed that i think are the batch that seemed to be feminized 5/5 were girls had to kill 2 :cry::cry: got a few other beens plan on taking a couple clones if there girls :) this is gonna be an interesting one guys, check it out if ya want..
  3. Update- tent was to low to keep LED at proper height for seedlings.. I figured it out now. But it negates my pully system which is super user friendly.. Any way. Going on Monday to get roots organic, promix. Or one of the fox farms. Possibly OF, but I heard happy frog is a bit gentler. From what iv gathered from my buddy at Jayne dispensary in Portland, he's one of the main growers.. Pro mix, roots organic, n various other media and off course FF is never really TOO looked down on :/ I'm interested in the FF. Red bag, potting mix it jus says.. I think. I intend on finding SOMETHING at my Monday visit to my local hydro dojo. Lol. Need a good 60-80$ range inline out take fan.. 400 cfm is being GENEROUS for the tent of 2'x2x4.. On big screen of nugs.

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