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    I obtained two plants from a friend a while ago and now they're not in the best of conditions. I'm not quite sure where to start..? image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  2. They look pretty sad for sure. I'd start out with a fresh repot into some soil decent grow soil. They're tall and spindly and weak, so they've probably been under very weak fluorescent lighting by the looks of them. It also looks like they've had some nute burn going on. Some people seem to think that everything in their grow revolves around the combination of chemicals they pour into their plants. When, in truth, during the veg stage if you've got decent lighting and good soil and understand how to water a plant and not drown it, you should sail right through. I would repot these into good soil and water them in...but not drown them. Put them under some good veg lighting and leave them alone. It'll take them awhile to distress and lay down a decent root system before the foliage starts to come back out and do anything, but they basically just need a decent environment for a little while. They should be fine. But if you pot them into a # 3 or #4 pot, it should be deep enough so that you could bury most of that stalk in soil and provide the plant more stability. Good luck with them. I've saved much worse, so I know it can be done. LOL TWW
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  3. Thank you so much! I repotted them last night and went out and got a better lighting system. Here's to hoping I'm doing this right.

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