new plants please help>>>>>

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by was3456, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. help first time. ian useing an 400 hps system to grow , they are 3 weeks old and 1 foot iam using miracle grow potting mix
    i wa srunning light for 24/7 for two week now 18/6 i water every 3rd day when dry on three of my six plant ther are a couple of lightyellow/ brown spots not manny iam growing in an garage my lights was 18 inch from plants i moved therm to 28 just now do i need to fertilize the plants yet? please help

  2. dont fertilize yet they are to young I'd wait about another month.That where those spots are coming from
  3. I have not fertilized yet. Just using the Miracle Grow potting soil. I moved the lights to 28 ins. in fear they were to close. What fertilizer would u use in a month, is my 18 hrs light / 6 hours dark too much dark, or what? are there any other pointers u could give?
  4. Use Peters 20-20-20 I would also just keep the light on it 24/0 Wait later to reduce the light. How much do you water them?
  5. iam watering the plant until they drain out of the pot so the root dont grow up then after they drain iam replacing them under the lights
  6. How often?
  7. about every three days. and do you think my lights at 28inc above the top of plants are ok?
  8. Yeah just maybe a little closer.
  9. thank for help 420
  10. I can't figure out why you have these spots. But move the light closer and keep it on 24/0 until they get older.
  11. if the spots are at the end of the tips, only at the top of the plant, then it's heat stress......however if the spots are only on the lower leaves then it's the miricle grow soil.....i've used it before and it holds a lot of fert in it allready.....wait a while yet before ferting as the miricle soil is very strong with fert enough for 4-5 weeks........hope that helped a pic is allways best!.......Peace out......Sid
  12. thank for the info
  13. miracle gro potting soilhas lots of time released ferts in it. It is not designed for indoor growth under hot lights. The excess heat and water act together to release all of the ferts at one time or release the excess ferts early. So you have an over fert problem.

    Second, the MG soil after the ferts start pouring from it tend to go acidic fairly fast. The soil pH drops too low and you also get that problem compounded on the over fert.

    You need to repot with a plain potting soil or flush your soils real good. And then keep an eye out and flush them at regular intervals.
  14. i have added a fan and now the temp is down t0 82 i flush my pants every 2 days until they drain out of the bottom and then replace them under the lights do you think this will work? or do i need to replant only half have this problem
    i live in the south in the us so its get really hot they are about 1 foot
  15. Keep a good eye out and if the problem gets worse, consider repotting. If it improves, stay with the flushing.

    I also live in the south and learned my lesson with MG potting soil from the landscape business. MG potting soil is designed for flowering plants liek petunias and impatiens, the annual plants that require an enormous amount of ferts to keep their pretty blooms. To use it for your use, you have to be very careful and diligent.

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