New plants from old ones

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  1. Okay i was wondering if you can do anything to get a new plant from another plant? do you have to wait for it to seed? if you have any hits that can help me please tell me!
    thanks loads
    billa*bong :eek:
  2. The way to get a new plant from another plant is called cloning.Many people keep a plant just for supplying clones,That would be a mother plant.I have one mother that I have rooted over 60 clones from in the last 11 months.The great thing about cloning is they will be the same sex as the plant you took the cutting off.There are different ways of cloning,but I use small cups with plenty of holes in the bottom inside a container with a humidity dome.I fill my cups with mix of perlite and vermiculite.Take a cutting dip it in rooting hormone,I like hormex but there are many good ones.Leave in rooting compound for a minute then put in cups.Pack the mix around them good, put 10 drops on the stem at the mix.Put in container with small amount of water and spray a couple times a day.Usually within 6 to 10 days I have roots filing the bottom of the cup.Something that helps is weak light for cloning.I had less success with intense light.Good luck.

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  3. You may buy sees from the 'tude like most ...or wait 10 -12 days for clones to grow roots

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