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  1. Hey its been awhile sine i last posted on here and the last time i posted on here i posted for help on my sick plants. Well the sick plants are now unsick and back and i wanted to see what you all thought of them. heres a little about them the plants are under 400 watt MH and all that jazz so heres the pics tell me what you all think.:eek: WE also have feater photos from Lizard who is our herb photographer

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  2. are these clones and how old are they
  3. the first picture was from like after 3 weeks of growing then the others are after 6 weeks the last picture is a plant that we had to leave behind its currently growing in the woods it was 2 months old but over all how are they doing do you think they are doing good/?
  4. am i wrong or is there more than one plant in each pot? that's probably gonna kill half your plants.
  5. you sir are correct there are more than one plant in a pot. wtf? :confused:
  6. think theyve just been topped at a young age, created 2 colas.
  7. so i mean at this point do you all think they are a lost cause or do you think they couls be saved what should we do ?
  8. Def not a lost cause by any means, ya got some healthy planst there, just a few good pointers and you will be on your way to smokin some good herb. I am really beat tonight, but I'll be back in the morning to post some more.
  9. Yeah, rule of thumb, one pot, ONE plant..
  10. OK the first thing that would be a great start is telling me what your setup specs are and what you are shooting for. EX. space, height redtrictions, lights, # of plants ect. The first thing you want to do is get some decent size pots(depending on all the info I asked for), and very carefully transplant every plant that has more than 1 plant per pot and give every plant its own pot to grow in. You should be able to do it without hurting the plants to much , they are tough. After thats done we can go from there they will need at least a week to recover before we do anything else to them, but its an important first step. You have really healthy plants and since ya are still vegging them ya havent gone past the point of no return. Catch ya later and get those specs posted.:D

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