New plants, anyone mind helpin a noobie out?

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    So I just picked up two clones today. 1 Cheese clone (not sure if it looks ok) and 1 Purple Voodoo clone (Looks fine to me). Just got my 400w HPS light in today. My question is what to do after transplanting. I have a 4" exhaust fan in the ceiling, and a 6" fan on a stand blowing on my plants. I just transplanted them into 3 gallon buckets. Set them on a 24/7 Light schedule, so hopefully it'll grow quickly. Should i just wait till the soil drys out, then wet down again? not sure how much i should be checking these babies. Anybody got any tips? I can post some pics if needed. Also, my veg/flower area is 2.6Wx2.6Lx6.5H (used to be a shower) and is covered in mylar emergency blankets for maximum light reflection.

    Below is my Purple voodoo

    Below is my Cheese

    Below are pictures of both my plants+ 400w Hps+ 6" Fan, walls covered in mylar emergency blankets.
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    Also, i am using Kellog's organic patio potting soil, not sure if anyone has any experience with this? It has perlite, composted forest humus, peat moss, chicken manure, bat guano, worm casting, sand, etc, just wondering if it sounds like a good mix. Oh, and i just ordered roots organic entire nute line, also wondering if they are any good.
  3. water after you transplant, I would think it would be really messy the other way around.

    If you want to wait a day or whatever that should be fine, but make sure to give your new soil a thorough wetting to get things going

    Your soilstuff sounds fine. With all the fertilizer already in there, you probably wont need any fertilizers for a bit of time.

    Take a look at your soil runoff in 2 weeks to see how your ppm levels are, and then you will know if you need to add more nutrients
  4. Alright! thankyou very much. Glad someone actually replied, i need all the help i can get, really not trying to murder these beauties.
  5. If you want consisten help from the board, do us a favor and read the sticky's at the top of the thread list.

    Especially about the basic types of info we need to interpret the situation if things are going bad.

    Good luck
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    I edited my info at the top. Would pictures be more of a help? I try and read through the stickies but they're so long, my brain gets overloaded, but ill see what i can do
  7. going from clone to 3 gallon bucket is a big jump. You will get better growth by letting it fill out a pot and then move to a bigger size. You should move to a 1 gallon pot, then a 3 gallon.

    Your soil needs to have the proper moisture content before you transplant. This is probably wetter than out of the bag. Then when you transplant you are supposed to let the rootball dry out quite a bit so it tells the plant to search for water (which is in the new soil away from the center root mass.

    To an extent this is correct, but if the root ball is already dry when you transplant, then you pretty much have to give it some water because it will need water to build new plant mass, but then you still should let it dry out immediately afterworlds.

  8. Thankyou for your reply. I thought that it might be a big jump, but i went ahead with it anyway because i read through many posts that said you should transplant as little as possible so as to avoid shocking the plant. Not sure if it was a smooth move, but hopefully it'll workout. As for the watering, i took your advice and did exactly what you said, currently waiting for the soil to dry again. Thanks again!!! I will update this post as my plants continue to grow, or as i run into new problems. Any other tips?
  9. I grow my weed in hydro BUT, I am also have an organic garden outdoors for vegetables, so I repot ALL THE TIME.

    You pretty much want to do what the dude above said.

    Put your new soil in your new pot upto about the level of the bottom of the previous container, then take your plant of your old pot and set it ontop of the soil, and fill in around it. Try not to break any roots (but you will).

    She will give you a look like "why the fuck did you do this to me" for a couple of days but then she'll take off.

    Another method I have seen on here, but not done, is to fill your new container up with soil around you old pot. So there is a hole in the soil, then you put her in the hole and pack around.

    Either way, after you have repotted water the fuck out of her.
  10. I think you did just fine by transplanting into 3 gallon new home. They will get used to the new enviorment and start thriving. With 3 gallon pots your plants should not get taller than 3- feet. If you use a bloom fert that limits vertical growth the plants will bush out some and allow more bud sites with better lighting results
    Water when the soil dries out. When water runs out the drain holes is just right. With 3 gallon pots you won't need to water as often until the roots start expanding. Knowing when to water is skill we learn by watching the plants. When plants just start to droop a little is the time. So if you know what to look for and know when the last watering was you can water just before this happens.
    The PH of your soil is so important for nutrient uptake, so keep that in mind. Try not to follow the recommended nute dose on the bottle, but start with 1/4-1/2 and let the plants tell you what they need. If you use an EC tester don't go over .08 for soil.
  11. Thanks for all the great replies guys. I think im going to buy a electronic ph meter, because the liquid thing makes no sense to me. If someone could explain it a little better maybe i wouldn't have to waste an extra 20 bucks? Its the Ph adjusting kit by general hydroponics. Oh, and any tips on how to lower the grow room temperature might help too

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