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    Hey, City!  Been a long time, but started back in the Organic Grow game with a couple clones/plants I bought for $60/plant.  Yes, $120from plants I took for granted were a reliable source.  Even as a neophyte to the whole grow thing, as soon as I saw what I received, I was concerned about the condition of the plants.  My opinion - they are over fertilized with nitrogen and have some kind of infestation. 
    So, without further ado, here are some pics. Please let me know what you guys think is wrong with these plants.  I appreciate any input.  I have so far sprayed them with Captain Jacks and hit them with a watering and with a watering of TM 7 and Pro Tekt Silicone - both in distilled water.  Didn't want to put any N on them.
    Oh, these came in Solo Cups. I put them in 3 gallon smart pots with Kellogg's Organic Potting soil.  I added Espoma Flower Tone to them and they went right under 12/12.  Thanks, again.
    ps: just realized, I should have put this elsewhere - different forum. Sorry about that, but I used to come to the Organic area for all my assistance.  


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  2. Yeah they look nute burned. I'm assuming the previous grower was using chemicals. I'm sure they'll be just fine once they start growing into the new soil.

    Not too sure about the infestation. I can't really tell if the leaf damage is just from nute burn or a pest as well. Keep an eye on them to see if new damage occurs.
  3. Thanks for the response. I think I will do another water or two without any nutes, then maybe hit it with 1/4 strength to see how it reacts.
    Thing is, I had the best chance to flush the plant when I first got it in the Solo Cup.  I could have easily flushed that, compared to flushing the 3 gallon smart pot.  Oh well, we live and learn, as THEY say!  
    I am getting some new growth at the top and on the bud sights.  It is definitely a healthier green.  It looks so pale against the uber green of the "sick" fan leaves that I almost think I should hit them with the 1/4 strength the next watering. Like I learned on here a long time ago, though - LITFA! 
    What I am going to give them when the time is right is  Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed.  Besides the Espoma Flower Tone I put in the pot, that's all nutes in the mix.  I do have some KIS seaweed extract powder that I will use along the was, too. 
    :bongin: Have a great day out there, everybody!

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