New plant week 3 growing issues

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  1. All other plants are perfectly fine. This one is half the size of the other plants and is showing signs of deficiency at lower growth. Upper growth is slow. Any ideas in what type of deficiency this is?
    All plants have been planted at the same time.

    I was thinking PH or calcium

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  2. Have you been feeding it any nutes?
  3. Also whats the medium / pH / phs run off
  4. Kinda looks like nute burn might wanna pH some water and flush the plant if you've fed it any nutrients it's definitely nute burn plants still to young to he feeding should have all the nutes it needs in your medium depending on what you're using
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  5. Assuming everybody has gotten the same treatment it's a weak sister and should be culled. It'll never catchup odds are and will take more space and food then it warrants. Toss it and concentrate on the other two.
    I always start more then I finish for just that reason. I'll cull twice in veg usually. I'll look them over mid veg and toss the defectives. Do it again at the change to flower. Some will have a structure I don't care for. They are showing a more lanky shape then I can allow. I know they'll be to tall for my space.

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  6. Sorry for the late response didn't expect to get replied back so quickly. So it got a light dab of nutes the same time all the others did. It has been showing signs of issues very early on. Miracle grow soil is what I've always used never really had issues before. I was planning on cutting it just thought id share some pictures i might leave it to the side outdoors and see what happens. Ill flush it out in a little bit
  7. It looks like the Miracle Grow challange

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