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  1. Hello I have a plant that I thought I had found worlds tallest dandelion.Turns out it has a deformed stalk.I have thrown out cutting befor think they ran down hill and crossed with a dandelion.Now it's at about 56 inches tall.Not real sure what it is thought it was cool!Wb

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  2. that's cool. keep it alive, see how tall you can get it!
  3. Cross polenating weed with a dandillion? Possible I suspose.

    I watched a show on PBS showing the plant genome project, similar to the human genome project, where they made a "family tree" of as many species of plants they could.

    For example marijuana is genetically very similar to strawberries.
  4. Looks like a big vine.
    Keep it alive I guess.

    There's shit on the side of the road near where I live that looks like tall stringy weed plants, but it's more than likely not. The leaves are pretty similar tho to cannabis which is interesting, not to mention all of this is within sight of a police station lol.
  5. what exactly do you expect to gain crossing cannabis with another plant

  6. he didnt do it on purpose, now curiosity has taken over lol

  7. He didn't do it at all. Don't think this guy is some sort of botanist who just crossed genomes on different species of plants, because he's not. He found this plant, and thinks its a cross of a dandelion and cannabis plant... But rest assured, it's not. It's a ditch weed. Simple as that. If you live in a rural area, go drive around and look in the ditches, same thing. I don't even understand how people "mistake" these weeds for marijuana, the leaves look nothing alike.
  8. I just noticed it one day.If this plant is everywere.Try to find a pic online of a 4 1/2 ft tall plant with flowers just like a dandelion.I coudn't.WB

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  9. That thing is not 4 1/2 feet tall. Show me a tape measure next to it :p

    As for finding a picture/name of that plant, I don't want to waste my time. I have real marijuana plants to deal with. But if I end up near one in a ditch today or out in a field (they grow all over in big fields) i'll snap a pic. They are not uncommon...

    They are part of the Asteraceae family, I just don't know which specific plant.
  10. OP thats badass..i mean its just crazy i guess...keep it alive!! haha:)
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    Sonchus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It's the Sonchus species of Sow Thistle. The flowers appear to look like dandelion flowers, but it isn't a dandelion.


    Sorry to disappoint you man :(
  12. daaaamn..JesusGreen just shot the OP's hopes and dreams right outta the sky lol..he thought he found a new strain and then he just tell him what it did you know it was that Souchis
  13. Just googled for "Tall dandelion plant", found a post where a guy was asking a similar thing with some pictures (only, on a wildlife/plant forum), some people identified it, posted some pictures to show the match. So I looked it up and sure enough, it's the same thing.

    This is why Google is your friend :p
  14. Google! and i already had the assumption in my head that you were some kinda Botanist or someone that can like identify and plant hahaha..i feel like a jackass now lol..damn google..fooled me again..:smoking::smoking:

  15. Haha, well, there was a big field of those plants near where I used to live, so I knew it wasn't a new strain or anything, so yeah, popped it into Google. Pretty much anything can be found on Google if it exists, just gotta phrase it right.

    Anyway, this is getting off-topic. :laughing:
  16. why would you have EVER thought that was weed or weed was involved there?
  17. haha i dont know now....everyone was pretty convinced until JesusGreen came through and set everyone straight haha

  18. I don't think anyone was convinced that was marijuana.

    Look back to my posts, I disagreed the entire time. I'm not stupid enough to believe that was a marijuana plant.
  19. Thanks for finding this info.Guess I get a little to baked.I have my own marijuana to grow.2 flower rms 1 veg rm plus outdoor..I'm no grow rookie just slow on computer.Peace WB:D

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