New plant, regenerated from a stray root?

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  1. So....had some beginners issues which killed off a few of my greenhouse nevilles haze plants a few weeks ago, and in my ensuing depression just sort of left one of the pots of soil (minus the dead plant) sitting inside (ambient light) for almost a week.

    After a week I noticed what looked like a white plant root (about 3 inches long total) sticking up out of the soil vertically, and had what looked like TINY little green sprouts on it ( tiny=microscopic. wouldn't have noticed if the thing wasn't sticking straight up out of the soil in a funny way). After scouring the net, I found it is possible for plants in general to regenerate entire plants from various tissues as long as the tissue growing contains a full set of DNA (diploid), but can't find ANY info about anyone doing this with MJ.

    So, I took the little bastard and stuffed it in a peat pellet, and stuck it under my MH light (on the floor it is about 4.5 feet away) and it has been about a week...the thing has tripled in size.

    So my questions are (in no particular order): is this friggin' possible? Is this MJ? Has anyone ever done this before?

    I am positive the growth sprang up from an old root of some sort, once unburied completely it was really obvious. My soil is "coast of maine" garden soil...has mix of compost and manure, which I added pearlite and worm castings too. Is it possible this is from some other random plant root in my mix?

    The thing has it's third set of leaves, yet is still so damn tiny it is just becoming visible. Has 3 sets of leaves, but so far they don't have ridges like full fan leaves....does a plant like this spit out cotyldeon until it is big enough for a full fan? The underside of the leaves are purple, and the top has what looks like crystals forming on it...I want to believe this is a nevilles haze plant. It may not look like much in the pic, but believe me this thing is out-growing the rest of my box hands down. 300% bigger in a week.

    here are the Pics:

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  2. This is a marijuana sprout. That seems to be something completely different haha

  3. Sorry man.
    That aint no weed.
    You need to do some research
    before you grow weed.
  4. thats a cool plant you should grow it out, it be a cool house plant i bet:D
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    thanks for....nothing? have plants growing at the moment, this is just a bit of something extra. I have researched my ass off, and this is entirely possible...I'd suggest you do some research before acting like a legitimate source of information.

    Any cell in a plant which is diploid, meaning contains a full set of chromosomes, can regenerate a genetically identical plant. The pics shown for comparison so far are a marijuana sprout from SEED not from a ROOT, which I'm sure everyone could agree is a completely different thing entirely.

    The plant will grow multiple sets of rounded leaves until it has enough surface area to generate sufficient nutrients to begin sprouting full fledged fan leaves. Plants grown from seed pop out of the ground with big enough cotyldeon to harvest enough light energy to veg out right away, plants started WITHOUT ANY LEAVES AT ALL will produce multiple undifferentiated leaves before producing a mature phenotype. It looks larger in pics than it actually is, and I would guesstimate that the total surface area of leaves it has popped out is still only 1/2 of what a sprout started from seed will come out of the ground with.

    Does anyone out there have any useful tips besides "ive never seen that before, therefore it isn't possible"?
  6. also...this was from sterilized soil, never been outside of my apartment. The plant it sprung from had some damping down issues, so at some point it was dug up, roots soaked in super thrive, and reburied a bit deeper so the stem would be buried a bit deeper, and not fall over. A couple stray surface roots I left under surface soil, and then let the plant go. It lived for about another week, and died. pot came out of the grow box, sat near the window in the kitchen for about a week.

    When I found the sprout I figured it was something else, I carefully dug it up, and all it consisted of was a length of broken plant root, which was oddly standing on it's end sticking out of the soil. It had no growth really, maybe a microscopic little sprouty thing...but it just looked like the old root was being charmed like a snake up out of the soil. I stuck the root into a peat pellet, vegged for a week, and here we are.
  7. can u keep us all informed with weekly pics? I hope you dont get rid of it - I really wanna know what that little badman grows into...

    As for how it got there - bit of a confusing one... can u trace back anything in your house that might have got there - possible a stray seed or plant matter from anywhere? Do u take walks near anything that could get on your clothes?
  8. I will repeat...Its not weed.
    What u researched is copied verbatim and true.
    But the fact still need a genuine
    MJ plant to apply your research to. In a weeks
    time, you will find out. No need to get all huffy
    man. You do, after all, want answers from
    experienced growers - right ?
  9. i would agree with most on this it does look in no way shape or form a MJ plant, i get your points about it regenerateing etc & so would have different leaves but it does seem quite obvious somethings up with that lol, there was a guy on here sum time back tryed saying he got a plant going from some old MJ plant roots he kept the thread updated with weekly pics & it slowly turned out to be a total ramdom plant, anyway grow it out & post pics weekly anyway, id love to b proved wrong

    also can you point me to the research you found about MJ plants regenerating from roots only, would be a good read, ive always know MJ plants are somewhat diff from the norm so thought they couldnt do this, (obviously general plant research doesnt really apply to MJ as its quite diff lol)
  10. In order for a plant to regenerate from root:

    It must be from the "Tuber" family of plants,
    such as potatoes, yams etc.
    Or a bulb, like a tulip, which is a perrenial.
    MJ is a C3 plant & only an annual.
  11. Maybe it's space weed?

    a quick journal search:

    Organ regeneration does not require a functional s... [Nature. 2009] - PubMed result
    Pluripotent versus totipotent plant stem cells: de... [Trends Plant Sci. 2007] - PubMed result
    Spontaneous plant regeneration in transformed root... [Plant Cell Rep. 2006] - PubMed result
    SpringerLink - Journal Article

    Hortus USA: Rose root regeneration
    Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from root segments ofn Psoralea corylifolia L., an endangered medicinally important plant - In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology |

    Freak: The above links show that plants of this nature can indeed be regenerated from roots alone. Buuuutt....most of these supporting pieces of evidence have all produced their results in a lab, not my half-dirty I'll totally agree that there is probably very little chance this is actually a MJ plant.

    But I can still fantasize for another week until I find out it's a Bolivian man eating plant, or grows into a huge beanstalk into the clouds.

    Mills: Most of the hard evidence Ive seen supporting the idea that flowering and leafy plants can indeed re-generate from roots have been specific to other, similar type plants. The only info I found specific to MJ, as somone pointed out, is pure anecdotal first hand accounts of some guy, who had a cousin, who knew somone...

    Im gonna let this thing just keep going and see what it turns into. if it is something I can eat or smoke, I'll be happy.
  12. Keep us posted ok ?

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